What Skincare Brands Do Estheticians Use? We’re Spilling Our Secrets!

It’s so overwhelming nowadays trying to find the right skincare brands or the right skincare products for our skin. There are so many trends popping up all over Instagram, and Influencers giving us all sorts of reviews claiming that this or that product is a must-have and that they swear by it. We see celebrities coming up with their own skincare lines and selling them at different stores, or online. But how do you know if those products actually do work for you? Or if those skincare brands are safe for you to use? What skincare brands do estheticians use?

Well, that’s where we come in. All of our licensed estheticians have many years of experience in the world of beauty and skincare. We’ve treated all sorts of skin types and skin concerns, and have studied and researched the best brands not just for our clients, but for ourselves! Today, we’re here to spill some of our best-kept secrets: a licensed esthetician-approved skin care routine.


Environ is hands downs an esthetician’s dream. This brand was created by Dr. Des Ferndes. If you don’t know who Dr. Des Fernandes is, well – he’s just one of the top 5 plastic surgeons in the world! He developed this skincare brand after years of research into the use of Vitamin A, and the healing properties as well as anti-aging properties that Vitamin A has. In fact, Vitamin A is almost like a fountain of youth skin care ingredient. Yes, it’s that great. Environ uses an innovative technology called the Vitamin Step-Up System, in which you slowly increase the amount of Vitamin A in your moisturizer so that your skin can slowly adapt to Vitamin A. It reduces sun damage, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The result:

An even skin texture and skin tone, and healthier skin.

Favorite Products:

Environ AVST Gel:

This moisturizer is perfect for those who want to introduce Vitamin A into their skin care routine. This gel can be used by anyone 16+. It’s a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer that uses Vitamin A and Anti-Oxidants to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and leave your skin glowing, and healthy.

[product id=”4578″]

Environ C-Quence Serum:

C-Quence Serums are ideal for those with aging and mature skin. These serums have a combination of vitamins, peptides, and anti-oxidants. This softens fine lines and wrinkles, helps brighten the skin’s tone and even the skin’s texture. It also helps create new skin cells for healthier, more youthful skin. It also helps correct pigmentation, and it tones and tightens the skin.

[products ids=”4621,4594,4596″]

Environ Vita Peptide Eye Gel:

This eye gel is a fabulous anti-aging eye gel. It helps plump the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps even the skin tone, and gives a refreshed look to the eye area. This is an effective anti-aging product!

[product id=”4600″]

*Prior to using Environ, it’s important to have a consultation with a licensed esthetician or derm professional, due to the high levels of Vitamin A. 

Where to Buy Environ?


Biodroga is also a fabulous skin care line, that creates some of our favorite products. Biodroga is used by some of the top skin care spas around the world. Bella Reina is one of the first spas in the US to have Biodroga at the spa! Biodroga is formulated by both scientists and licensed estheticians in Baden-Baden Germany. Baden-Baden is a spa town! Biodroga is a very innovative skin care line and it was one of the first ones to create products that focus on different skin types and skin concerns. Biodroga is great for those with sensitive skin, or those prone to skin irritation. Biodroga is an effective skin care line, that boosts skin health.

The result:

Healthy skin, and the best glow!

Favorite Products:

Biodroga Intense Moisture Formula Moisturizer:

This moisturizer is one of our absolute favorites! It retains moisture all day long! If you need 24-hour hydration, especially if you have very dry skin, this is the perfect product for you. It leaves the skin feeling super soft, radiant, clear, and glowing! It increases hydration by 51%! You’ll see immediate results. It also plumps the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

[product id=”4963″]

Biodroga Cleansing Microdermabrasion:

This product is so wonderful! It removes dead skin and impurities and helps regenerate the skin. It makes scars look less noticeable, and it can reduce the size of pores, as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin will look softer and refreshed. Your skin type will determine how frequently you should use this product. For normal skin, you can use this product up to 3x per week. For oily skin, you can use this product every other day. Those with sensitive skin should only exfoliate once a week.

[product id=”4959″]

Biodroga Intense Formula Eye Cream:

This eye cream is formulated to add moisture back into the under-eye area. This cream lightens dark circles and reduces puffiness. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness. It provides 24 hours moisture and can be used both day and night. It’s a wonderful product that our estheticians swear by!

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Where to Buy Biodroga?

Skin Script RX:

Skin Script also has some really effective products. What’s so great about Skin Script is that not only is an effective corrective, professional skin care line, but it’s also budget-friendly for those looking for an awesome skin care routine, but don’t want to spend as much. Skin Script is formulated by both physicians and estheticians, and it aims to repair damaged skin. Skin Script works to improve the overall appearance of skin while targeting specific skin concerns. The best part about Skin Script is the fact that it can be used by any skin type, and any ethnicity (which is important when it comes to peels!) It helps with many skin conditions while avoiding any irritation or redness. Skin Script is especially great for anyone with sun damage, or hyperpigmentation, as it works to even out the skin tone.

The result:

Bright, even, healthy, glowing skin!

Favorite Products:

Skin Script Glycolic and Retinol Pads:

This product is fantastic! In fact, it’s one of our top fave products. It has both retinol and glycolic acid which have a bunch of benefits for the skin! It provides a brighter and clearer complexion. These wipes dissolve oil to prevent breakouts and help your skin cells renew. It unclogs pores, and removes any oil or dirt, for a deep cleanse! The active ingredients in this product boost collagen production and help the skin look better, and renew over time.

[product id=”4967″]

Skin Script Raspberry Scrub:

This is one of our favorite exfoliants. It’s a more mild exfoliant, and it can be used nightly to have a smooth and healthy complexion. It helps reduce inflammation and it’s also soothing for the skin. This scrub is mild enough that can be used by all skin types including those with eczema, psoriasis, acneic skin, and mature skin, as well as those with sensitive skin.

[product id=”4930″]

Skin Script Tri-Peptide Eye-Cream:

The tri-peptide cream has some wonderful active ingredients that make this product a wonderful eye cream. It contains antioxidants, essential vitamins, and peptides to help reduce puffiness, and prevent water loss in the skin. It helps with dark circles and wrinkles. it also immediately tightens the under-eye area and softens and calms the skin too.

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Where to Buy Skin Script?

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