Environ Youth EssentiA Vita-Peptide C-Quence 2


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“I am hooked on the C-Quence vitamin series–my skin looks radiant and firm. Ready for step 3!” – Jan B. VIP Client

C-Quence 2 is the second step in the Environ premium vitamin A program.  Medium levels of vitamins A, C and E work effectively together to fight signs of aging.




This serum is the SECOND step in the Environ vitamin A  “step-up program” – a revolutionary, anti-aging skin care series!

Environ C-Quence 2  contains medium levels of vitamins A, C and E.   And additional peptides assist in firming  the skin to lessen signs of aging.

Working together, these effective ingredients help to maintain a smooth looking, more youthful appearance.

Because it deeply penetrates into the skin, signs of photoaging, pigmentation, blemishes and scars can be significantly reduced.

Elasticity of the skin will improve.  And  the restoration of skin cells will accelerate.

Most importantly,  the serum helps to “boost” collagen and elastin for additional firmness.

Tips & Benefits:

Excellent  for all skin types.  And all ages.  Not suitable for problematic skin types.

Especially suitable for mature and sun damaged skin.

Environ C-Quence 2 hydrates and helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and scars.  So uneven skin tone will improve.

And assist  in maintaining  a radiant appearance. You’ll look more youthful!

You’ll have a healthier, glowing skin.

You would probably prefer a Cosmopolitan!  But our SPA estheticians recommend  mixing  a “cocktail” of  the serum with your Environ C-Quence Defence Creme. Mix in the palm of your hand before applying to face and neck.

Use morning and evening.

Please see ingredients tab listing for important information about Environ C-Quence 2 and counterfeit products.




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