Where to Buy Environ Skin Care


Bella Reina Spa has been an approved Environ Stockist since 2002, and a trusted source for all information on how to use, and where to buy Environ. Bella Reina Spa’s Skin Experts can help you with any questions you may have regarding Environ. 

Environ Skincare products are known to give you radiantly resilient-looking skin.  This scientific skin care line was developed by skincare experts and it’s regarded as one of the best- if not the best- skin care products in the world. However, like many other luxury brands, there are counterfeit products in the market.

Where to Buy Environ Skin Care?

Environ Skin Care should only be purchased through official stockists, to ensure the quality of ingredients in the skin care products. Bella Reina Spa is one of the official Environ stockists. Our skincare experts have been trained and are knowledgeable in Environ’s skin care philosophy, and can provide detailed skin consultations with you to help find the right skincare products for your skin type and skin concerns.

How Do I Know If an Environ Product is Counterfeit?

Authorized Environ stockists will have you log in to their website to view prices, and to purchase their products. If you see discounted Environ products in any way, they will be counterfeit for sure. Any online store selling Environ, that shows the prices on the website are counterfeit. Also, Environ products should be purchased following a skin consultation with a skin care professional, who can provide customized skin care routines, due to the dosages of Vitamin A, and concentration of antioxidant ingredients. Environ follows a patented Vitamin Step-Up System, in which the serums include different levels of Vitamin A. This system starts on the lowest concentrations of Vitamin A, and gradually increases the levels of Vitamin A. Environ is also a medical-grade skincare brand, which means that it’s important to have a skincare consultation to find the right facial treatment for your skin concerns.

What Happens If I Buy an Environ Counterfeit Product?

Counterfeit skincare products may severely damage your skin! Environ products go through an extensive process to make sure that all active ingredients used are of the highest quality, and their containers are made so that the skincare products can be stored safely. Counterfeit products, on the other hand, have no quality assurance, unknown ingredients, are unsafe to use, and can cause severe reactions. They are also sold without any consultation, which can have damaging effects on the skin.

Can I Safely Buy Environ Online?

Yes, but you have to be careful as to where you purchase Environ. You can purchase Environ Products online. However, you must first create a login, in order to purchase Environ products specifically. Most commonly, you can know right away if the website is selling counterfeit products if the website shows the product prices, without any login information. You can also check with Environ’s official distributor (within the US) DermaConcepts. Again, knowing where to buy Environ Skin Care Products is very important to ensure your safety.

How Do I Know The Right Environ Products for Me?

When purchasing Environ products, it’s advisable to consult a skin care expert. It’s important to mention any skin conditions or concerns you may have, and find the right products for your skin type. Environ stockists are trained to answer all your questions and help you have the right skincare regime! At Bella Reina Spa, you can purchase Environ at the spa, with a free consultation from our licensed team of estheticians.

Call us or visit us at the spa for a client skin consultation with us!

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