Biodroga Skincare Review: Top 7 Products

Biodroga Skincare Review Top 7 Products

In our previous Biodroga Skincare review, we talked extensively about Biodroga and its ingredients. We even highlighted our top 3 favorite Biodroga products of all time.

Since then, we’ve received numerous requests from our readers to add more products to the list. Well, we listened, and now, we have compiled the top 7 Biodroga products. Check them out below!

Biodroga Skincare Top 7 Products Reviewed

Note: rest assured that the products in this list have been tested and approved for safety by our licensed estheticians. We even use them for our clients. More importantly, we are an approved Biodroga stockist.

Biodroga Intense Moisture Formula


This facial serum remains the top 1 Biodroga product. Its results are instant and outstanding- even more than similar products from the brand. For context, this serum moisturizes the skin at least 10x than hyaluronic acid.

The best part: despite the effectiveness and components of this Biodroga intense moisture formula, it is friendly to the skin.

Note: there is another product similar to Biodroga intense moisture formula known as “Biodroga eye care intense moisture formula.” But like the name, this product is specific for the eye area.

Biodroga Skin Lotion

This lotion is a gentler facial toner than “intense moisture formula.” The best part: it is compatible with all skin types.

Thanks to the alcohol-free content of Biodroga skin lotion, it is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. It cleans, moisturizes, and rejuvenates the layers to make you appear more radiant.

Pro tip: use Biodroga skin lotion as the last touch-up for your cleaning ritual.

Biodroga Cleansing Oil

This cleanser needs no introduction. It won the 2017 Dermascope Aestheticians Choice Award. Plus, its effectiveness against aging and redness is well-known. For those reasons, Biodroga cleansing oil is the overall best aid (from the brand) for cleaning all skin types.

Beyond the awards, we love that Biodroga cleansing oil rinses off without stress. However, ensure you do the rinsing with cold water.

Biodroga Milky Cleanser

Unlike the cleansing oil, this milky cleanser is perfect for 30+ individuals. For people in that age group, their skin needs a velvety cleanser that can smoothen and moisturize. Beautifully enough, that is Biodroga milky cleanser’s forte.

Beyond the smoothing effect of the Biodroga milky cleanser, we love its flexibility. You can use it to clean your makeup or even as your morning care ritual. 

Biodroga Cleansing Foam

The chances are that you want a budget cleanser. In that case, this cleansing foam is perfect for you. It is not as expensive as the milky cleanser and cleansing oil. Even at that, the product is just as effective.

Besides, the cleansing foam has an advantage over other Biodroga cleansers; it comes with allantoin. Thanks to that unique ingredient, you can enjoy cell regeneration benefits.

Biodroga Micro-Dermabrasion Peel

This peel has the same cell regeneration features as the cleansing foam. However, its main strength remains its exfoliation abilities.

So, if you want a solution to your hard lines, wrinkles, and clogged pores, the Biodroga micro-dermabrasion peel can help. If you’re worried about the “dermabrasion” tag, don’t be – this product is non-invasive.

Pro tip: for the best results, use Biodroga micro-dermabrasion peel at night!

Biodroga Power Moist Mask

If asked to describe this mask in one statement, we’ll say it is the answer to your hydrating cream mask search. And like other products of Biodroga, rest assured that this mask is equally effective and top-grade.

Beyond the brand quality, we love the versatility of this cream mask. It doesn’t matter if you have dry, normal, sensitive, or Rosacea skin. Biodroga power moist mask can help you attain your hydration needs.

And while you’re at it, rest assured that the mask will rejuvenate your skin and protect you at the same time.

That said, we hope we’ve covered the Biodroga products that interest you. If not, check our Biodroga catalog, or contact us for a “special” review request.

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