Lash Tint and Eyebrow Waxing Bar

Professional eyebrow waxing, lash tinting and eyebrow shaping are the biggest thing happening in beauty. Power brows require power tools.
Even though you have shaped, trimmed and tinted, you will want to use a brow gel mascara, eyebrow pencil and other brow building tools for full and natural-looking brows. If you think that your brows are too thin or they need professional “assistance”, read about the revolutionary 3D Eyebrow Embroidery.


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Semi-Permanent Lash Tinting is the closest thing to permanent make-up for the lashes. If you can’t stand mascara or if you would like that fresh mascara look all the time, than lash tinting is prefect for you. Three vegetable dye colors are available: Black, Blue-Black, & Brown. Organic jojoba oil is used around the eye and a protective pad is placed under the bottom lashes. The tint is applied while the eyes are closed to each individual lash. It will set and may be reapplied for deeper color. Lash tinting takes about 20 minutes and goes perfectly with eyebrow waxing.


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Invisible eye brows or brows that are just not quite dark enough can foil even the most perfect brow shape. Brow tinting can be the perfect solution as it helps to fill in the sparse areas and define the brow shape, while creating the illusion of thickness. Various vegetable-based dye shades are available to match your skin tone with your hair and eyebrows. Organic jojoba may be used around the brow to define the brow shape prior to tinting. This protects the skin from dye “bleeding”. Eyebrow tinting is much faster than lashes. Processing time may take from 3-10 minutes. For learn more on the popular eyebrow tinting, click here.



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    True brow artists know how to master the art of the perfect power eyebrow. The secret to perfectly shaped eyebrows is knowing where to begin and end the arch so that the eyebrows look natural but are styled to perfection. The shape requires our master estheticians to look at the balance and shape of your face. Measuring the eye to the eyebrow, the brows are brushed into place to determine the perfect shape. Wax is applied and then the perfection comes in defining the perfect arch. The right shape opens up the face and reframes the eyes to brighten the whole face. After the precise arch is achieved, the brows are brushed with a gel and filled to perfection with a waterproof mineral formula for smooth application.


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    Perfect eyebrow arch customized for each individual face a French hard wax designed for sensitive skin. All brows are fine-tuned with tweezers, brow gel and tint if needed. Results: Bella beautiful brows, perfect arch, perfect color.

    EYEBROW Threading CLEAN UP & SHAPING $17

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    The Bella Reina “Brow Masters” are sought after for their eyebrow styling and shaping techniques. Special attention is paid to your shape and balance of your face. Measurements are taken to make sure that the eyebrows are perfectly arched.

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    Eyebrow Waxing vs. Threading

    Eyebrow Waxing
    Longest period between hair regrowth
    Definitive brow design with hair removal
    Various types of wax for different body areas
    Face waxing combined with tweezing provides ultimate hair removal
    Effective for removing large areas of hair
    Regrowth is softer after at least 3 hair regrowth cycles
    For waxing we use hard wax and soft wax

    Threading Eyebrows
    100% natural cotton to prevent any infections
    Precise look for a beautifully shaped brow
    Short stubbly hairs are removed
    Less pull on the skin
    Non-invasive hair removal
    Why threading?
    Some think it is less painful than waxing
    Less skin irritation and less redness
    Threading is very precise when combined with tweezing
    Completely natural
    Can have when using Retin-A or Renova.
    Threading eyebrows originated in South Asia as a way to remove hair

    The use of Retin-A, Renova, Accutane, Obagi, Glycolic, Microdermabrasion or Laser is contraindicated for waxing. For your safety, please inform us of your current skin care prior to your service.

    During the eyebrow waxing, master aestheticians begin by studying the balance and shape of your face, measuring the distance from the eye to the eyebrow, and brushing brows into place to determine the ideal shape. They form a precise arch with the careful application and removal of warm wax or eyebrow threading. This brings out the eyes and opens up the entire face. The brows are then brushed with a sculpting gel and filled in with a smooth, waterproof mineral eyebrow formula.