Why Natural Nails Are Better For You

Why natural nails are better for you

Bella Reina has chosen the path of natural nails for many reasons. The Nail industry traditionally has thrived on longer nails, different nail shapes, and nail art.

The predominant overriding factor is the health of our clients.

Why We Believe in Natural Nails:

  • The effects of chemicals from acrylic nails and certain gel polish can cause weakness on the nail bed, and result in nail damage.
  • Other effects include cancer-causing and endocrine-disrupting toxins that are absorbed in the body. These chemicals include formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, DPB, or camphor to name a few.
  • Recent studies show that the toxicity of the chemicals is in the body within 10 minutes of polish is applied.
  • Despite comments as to Nex-Gen or Acrylic nails being safe, the nails are still having a chemical non-porous polymer applied. The non-porous nature causes the nails to hold in moisture. Moisture, when trapped, can lead to fungus and bacterial infections on the nail plate.
  • The nails are indicative of the health of the body. When they are compromised, the telltale signs of missing minerals or vitamins will be missed.
  • More common brands of nail polish can cause sensitivities, contact dermatitis, or possibly autoimmune issues. Natural nail polish like Dazzle Dry actually promotes the health of the nail and the cuticle.
  • Having the proper moisture balance in the nail plate encourages nail growth. The right amount of moisture starts with the cuticle.
  • Natural nails, when healthy, will be able to flex and withstand normal movement. This includes bends, cracks, and tears.
  • Great natural nails begin with proper nail preparation that includes the application of pro-vitamin B5, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and calcium.
  • The use of vegan, cruelty-free nail polish allows the nail bed to stay healthy.

Sanitation and Sterilization

  • The proper use of sanitation and sterilization procedures are essential in maintaining natural nail healthy.
  • This includes sterilization through the use of an autoclave of all tools used for manicures or pedicures.
  • Single-use tools or pads contributes to the safety of clients from viruses, bacteria, and fungus.
  • Proper sanitation and sterilization procedures for manicure bowls and pedicure tubs are critical to the health of your nails.

How to Keep Your Natural Nails Healthy:

Keep a File Handy

Rugged tips on your nails can be a recipe for disaster. From snagging your leggings to catching on your hair, jagged-tipped nails are incredibly annoying and can be quite hazardous. Any quick movement could mean the end of your fingernail. To avoid this whole debacle, be sure to keep a nail file close at hand to ensure you can keep healthier natural nails. We like to keep ours in a purse, so no matter where we are, we always have a quick fix when disaster strikes.

Be Careful with Water

Throughout the day we find ourselves frequently coming into contact with water. Water is necessary for keeping your nails clean, yet despite their hard exterior, they are incredibly absorbent. Allowing your fingernails to remain in contact with water for too long will soften your natural nails, and make them much easier to bend and break. For healthier nails, we recommend allowing your fingernails to dry well before using them for any purpose.


Keeping our nails healthier goes deeper than just your skin. What you put into your body has a stunning effect on your external appearance, and this does include your nails. We find that using certain supplements and vitamins has an immense effect on making your fingernails healthier. A great favorite is Biotin, which helps keep your nails from growing brittle, and as a bonus aids in healthier hair. In addition, applying Vitamin E topically is shown to reduce dryness and cracking, as well as fighting yellowing of the nails.

Massage your Nails

The cuticle powers the fingernail, and thus requires a nourishing blood flow to function properly. Oftentimes, by massaging the nail you create an even blood flow to the cuticle, aiding your quest for healthier nails. This massage of sorts helps increase movement and ultimately helps advance your nail growth and beauty.

Regular Manicures

Trim, file, push cuticles back on a regular basis. Yes, spoil yourself with a weekly manicure. It’s one of the best ways to treat the hands. Remember, cheap polish and lotions won’t go far in helping the health of your nails. Also, make sure your instruments are sterilized properly.

Cuticles and Hangnails

Regular manicures by a knowledgeable technician can help. Don’t cut your cuticles or let anyone cut. Push back and remove only the dead part. Try not to pull your hangnails. Hangnails are from a lack of vitamins. Check

Acetone-Free Polish Remover

Use acetone-free polish remover and polish that is free from nasty chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene. The cheaper polishes will polish, grant you that, but the damage to the nails may outweigh the price of the polish. Real acetone is necessary to remove some of the gel polishes, but it will dry the nails.

No Picking or Peeling

Remove polish with remover. Don’t pick or peel the polish off as it can damage the nail. The new Shellac polish has made peeling the gel off such fun for clients, but this can damage too. And please remove your polish. Nothing is worse!

Wear Gloves with Water

Nails can dry out and be dehydrated. Anything that removes hydration from the nail will hurt them. Having hands in water too long or not wearing gloves while washing the dishes will harm them.


Moisturize & Hand Treatments

Keep them hydrated with cuticle oils and creams. Hand creams for nails should really contain keratin, as this is the main ingredient in your nails. One of the popular treatments for nails is the keratin glove hand treatment.

Nail Strengtheners

Speaking of keratin reminds us of nail strengtheners which can help your nails become stronger. Using a product like Duri Rejuvacote can keep your nails healthy because it is putting protein back in the nails.

You Are What You Eat

Now to nutrition. Foods rich in protein help the nails grow. Foods like fish, eggs, beans, flax seeds, dark green vegetables, and nuts. The following vitamins are important to the health of your nails for various reasons. Some vitamins will help the growth, while others help the thickness. Folic Acid is actually helpful for hangnails. Here are the nutrients needed: Vitamins A, C, B12, D, Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 & 6). Despite popular belief, Vitamin E capsules will help moisturize the nails, but don’t help with growth.

Climates & the Right Gear

Cold weather, dry weather, and arid climates can all affect your hands. Cover up with gloves and use creams daily.

Lose the Acrylics 

Artificial nails have been a big part of the nail scene for years but they damage the nails. It may not be directly from the acrylic material (although it does cover the porous nail) but it allows water to be trapped. The filing of the nail, the drilling, and the removal process affect the health of the nail. Acrylic nails or dip nails both contribute to harming nails.


Hands and nails can get damaged by the sun. For the nail bed, it is the drying of the nail due to the sun’s harmful rays.

At Bella Reina, we offer Wellness Natural Nail Manicures and Pedicures that ensure that you stay healthy and your nails look fabulous.

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