Cruelty Free Makeup – The Truth

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Cruelty Free makeup

Cruelty Free makeup is burgeoning in popularity and here’s why… It’s true there are ugly secrets hidden in your average cosmetic product. The cosmetic products commonly used by the average woman are loaded with harmful ingredients. For years many consumers had no idea that the harmful products being sold to them under the guise of beauty were really causing a lot of the problems they faced with their skin.

What Does Cruelty Free Makeup Mean?

With so many makeup lines offering “Cruelty Free” collections the true definition of Cruelty Free makeup can be easily misinterpreted. Cruelty Free primarily means that the ingredients used to create the makeup are animal-free and plant or synthetic based. Many makeup lines also use the term “cruelty-free” this implies that no animals were harmed in the processing of the product. To officially be labeled a Cruelty Free product the makeup must meet specific criteria. Product testing is an important factor in this classification. No animal testing can be performed in the production of the product. However this in no way assures consumers that only plant based ingredients were used in the makeup.

What Makes Cruelty Free Cosmetics the Better Choice?

Contrary to traditional cosmetic products, Cruelty Free makeup is composed of natural ingredients and processed without harming animals. Common ingredients found in Cruelty Free cosmetic products enhance the health of skin and are beneficial for consumers skincare. Thanks to the growing concern of beauty consumers those looking for Cruelty Free makeup now have several options to choose from. Lipsticks, nail polishes, blushes, foundations and eye shadows can all be purchased from quality cosmetic companies. When perusing the labels in search of trust worthy Cruelty Free makeup be sure to look out for these non Cruelty Free ingredients:

Don’t forget to research the ingredients. The best way to avoid unhealthy ingredients and harmful makeup lines is to familiarize yourself with the right ingredients and then look for them when purchasing your makeup. Checking the labels shouldn’t just stop at makeup. Consumers should be aware of the ingredients used to make perfumes, lotions, and soaps. Remember that all Cruelty Free makeup is not created equally and always read the label.