Massage Therapist – Meet Katie, One of the Best in the World

Katie R. is one very talented massage therapist.  We are super lucky to have such a great group of massage therapists and Katie shines as another example of our off the charts fabulous team members.

Meet Katie with my interview here:

Where were you born?
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania (just outside of Philadelphia)

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A veterinarian

How did you decide on a career as a massage therapist?
When I was in high school, I was considering a career in Physical therapy. When I was looking into colleges I decided that Physical Therapy was a little too “clinical” for my personality. Shortly thereafter I discovered Massage Therapy and I enrolled in classes less than a month later.

What was your first memorable treatment or work as a technician?
My first memorable treatment was with a client that had been in a car accident. She was in excruciating pain and could hardly turn her neck. After coming for see me once a week for 4 weeks, she made a complete recovery. She had full range of motion in her neck and was no longer in pain. It was at that point that I realized massage therapy is an amazing gift, with benefits that can be life changing.

What are the things about working in the beauty and spa industry that you love?
I love the spa environment. I love the sense of relaxation and overall happiness. I love being a part of making someone’s day a little bit better. And I absolutely LOVE when I know that my clients have been able to unwind completely. No stress, no worries, just pure relaxation.

Do you have a favorite treatment? If so, what is it?
I love giving a good, therapeutic deep tissue massage. And any type of body treatment that includes an exfoliating scrub.

Have you had any famous celebrity clients? If so, can you say who and what treatment?
I have worked with Kevin (from the Kevin and Virginia morning show on Wild 95.5) and I have also worked with multiple retired professional athletes

What inspires you?
The things that inspire me:

  • good music
  • the ocean
  • yoga
  • the ability to overcome adversity

For an appointment with this amazing massage therapist, call the spa at 561-404-7670 or book online. Certified in aromatherapy, pre-natal massage and Reiki, you will classify her massage as “one of the best in the world”.

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