Our Story and Why “Bella Reina”

Bella Reina Cosmetics and Skin Care began in 2012 at our spa with 3 products. The products are part of our well-known special eyebrow box used with every eyebrow client.  Each product helped our clients’ brows look spectacular plus we added in our famous waterproof eyeliners. Clients wondered where they could purchase the products that we were using on their brows and our journey began.

After testing the waters with a few more products, namely hypoallergenic mascara, a vegan lipstick and an organic lip shimmer, we began the development of even more products. This time we headed to the vegan world with cruelty free makeup made with minerals and healthy ingredients. The products also had to be gluten free where possible as I (Nancy, aka Bella Reina) struggle with gluten sensitivity.

From our flawless face primer to the one-handed natural eye makeup remover, we’ve become a small cosmetic company with a passion for quick, simple and easy makeup. Yes, I love to take longer to put on makeup; but face it, most days us “Bella Reinas” (beautiful queens) apply our makeup in five minutes or less. With the support of our amazing clients, bloggers, makeup artists and friends who love our makeup, we (me + our amazing team) have a passion for great products and legendary customer service.

We have 3 Rules that we think are easy to live by!

  1. There is a Bella Reina (beautiful queen) inside everyone.Nancy Reagan_ - Bella Reina
  2. You are never too old to care for your skin or too young.
  3. Your perfect complexion is only limited by your skin care or makeup.

You too can be a beautiful queen. Just step inside our doors.

Nancy (aka Bella Reina)
CEO + Founder

PS: It is with love and a passion for beauty, that I go to work every day. It’s a joy to be in the beauty and spa industry. Bella Reina which means beautiful queen in Spanish is the name I chose, because I wanted every woman, no matter how young or old to feel like a queen. If I can make your day brighter, make your smile a little bigger, and make you feel more beautiful, then my day is complete. As a master esthetician and makeup artist, I could only touch one woman at a time. Now we can touch thousands of women.

I would love to connect with you. I read every email, Tweet, Google+ post and Facebook Post. Plus I’m also very active on Pinterest and Instagram. You can meet my Italiano Spinones, Bert and Irma!