How To Do Winged Eyeliner With Liquid Liner Perfectly

How To Do Winged Eyeliner With Liquid Liner in 3 Easy Steps

Attempting winged eyeliner can be very scary at first, but let’s discuss how to do winged eyeliner with a liquid eyeliner pen. You will find that with the right tools and a couple of tricks, your makeup application can be really fabulous. Also, practice makes it easier.

When the winged look or the cat eyeliner look became all the rage, we almost had to re-train our makeup artistry skills. For years we had liquid liners, pencil liners and crayon liners. All make amazing winged eyes that are sultry and smokey, but they have a tendency to smudge, smear or never dry. The key to making the winged eyeliner perfect is the most amazing liquid eyeliner pen.

This high-precision pen comes with a felt-tip applicator that allows you to press hard for a thick line or softly for a thin line. The tip deposits just the right amount of color and the real deal is it stays where you put it. Yes, believe it. It doesn’t move an inch. You would think that it would never come off either, but it wipes off easily with makeup remover. This liner is one of the must-have tools that every woman should just have, period. Now that you have the right tool, let’s get to the winged line.

The 3 Easy Steps

  1. Start with the eye that is not your dominant eye, because you want the lines to match perfect.  Start almost 1/2 inch from the inner corner and use the tip to draw the line to the outside of the eye. This is where a magnifying mirror comes in handy. Start with a thin line and you can always thicken it. Look below the line and make sure you don’t see any of the skin of your eyelid. We think shorter strokes are easier rather than one big line, but it’s what you feel comfortable with.  The first line can be thin or thick, you determine which is better for your winged eyeliner look. Begin at inner corner of eye and draw a line to meet the liner on the lid
  2. Now for the wing. Look at the last of your lashes, and draw a line out towards your temple.  If you give it a little lift up at the end, the line will look more lifted. The line can be any length you want, the shorter is less dramatic while the longer is more dramatic.
  3. Step #3 creates the wing. Take your liquid liner pen and go from the end of the wing with a line back to the line on your lid. Go to the middle of the lid. This should create a very small triangle or a very large triangle depending on your drama-meter. The triangle needs to be filled in with your felt-tipped pen.

There it is, your perfect winged eyeliner just in time for #bellabeautytip day. Hey, don’t forget 3-4 applications of mascara.


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