How to Create the Perfect Eyebrow Arch

When Friday (#bellaTGIF) rolls around, we start thinking about the weekend and going out. How to create the perfect eyebrow arch is one of the most requested how-to’s ever at Bella Reina’s famous pink makeup box. When it’s time to get dressed up on the weekends, we can spend hours on our hair and makeup. Making your eyebrows look perfect means creating the perfect eyebrow arch, with the right color, the right shape, and the right width. It’s really very easy, just follow along.

How to Create the Perfect Eyebrow Arch

When you are looking at a person’s face, you don’t know if the eyebrows are the most important feature or is it their eyes. If the eyes are more important then the eyebrow becomes lighter and vice versa. Here are some eyebrow basics that will get you the perfect arch.

Eyebrow Color

 – Eyebrows should not be extremely light or dark. A hint of color like brunette or neutral brow tint can change the look of your entire face. If your hair is dyed -Never, yes I said never, let them dye your eyebrows the same color.  Lighter brow shades tend to soften the face, while darker brows will give you a “harder” or more sharply defined look.

Eyebrow Shape
– The arch of the eyebrow can be very tricky. From the start of the arch to the end of the “rainbow”, the arch must have symmetry and flow, just like the shape of your eye. Before shaping, measure the brow and mark with an eyebrow pencil, especially where the arch should be. Then you know exactly where to start shaping.  The brow end closest to the nose should align with the upper bridge of the nose. In shaping the eyebrow, fill in voids or thin areas before you shape by plucking.  Unless you have very few hairs, waxing, threading, or tweezing the eyebrows is the most popular option. If you are going to trim the brows and trim the hair below the brow only. The suggestion to our spa clients is to have eyebrows shaped every 3 to 4 weeks, and initially, less is better.Eyebrow Basics Eyebrow Shapes
Eyebrow Width

Fashion trends have a bearing on eyebrow width but base your eyebrow width on the shape of your face.  Thick eyebrows will overpower a small face. A larger face shape and thin brows will make you look like your eyebrows were lost. Everything must be in proportion. In order to get that proportion, use an eyebrow pencil (use very short strokes) followed by a clear gel brow mascara to perfectly fill in and define the brow.

Following these eyebrow basics will be one of your best beauty tricks, plus you will look simply marvelous for #bellaTGIF!.

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