Flirty Makeup Tips to Make Romance a Reality

Everyone loves a romantic look, but flirty makeup tips are different for everyone. If you have blue eyes or brown eyes or thin lips, your look will change. For flirty makeup, let’s concentrate on the eyes (yes, Winged Eyeliner ) and the lips. You have to admit – the eyes catch the lover while the lips will seal the deal.

Makeup Tips for Romantic Eyes

Want to get the eyes flirting in the right direction. It all starts with eyeshadow primer. Yes, it’s true. If you don’t prime the eye, your eye makeup will not stay on until the wee hours of dawn. And if you decide to go dancing, your gorgeous eye makeup will wilt and melt. Eyeshadow primer also locks the colors in place, so the shadows don’t move.

Next on the list for musts for Romantic Eyes is eyeliner. Thin or thick is your choice, but waterproof and long-lasting is recommended. Eyeliners can be really difficult to apply. Try to find a liner that does not pull on the eye. Of course, our favorite is a waterproof, smudge proof liner that has a felt tip, but eyeliners come in many forms.

Mascara is a must and hypoallergenic mascara is the ticket. It goes on without clumping, providing lashes that can wink in seconds.

Makeup Tips for Romantic Lips

The most beautiful lips are soft, natural and as close to your lip color as possible. Gently lined and with lipstick lightly applied. When you mix lips with flirtiness, we think less is more when it comes to the color of the lipstick. A shade that is closer to your own lip color gives you a soft look that brings out your own natural beauty.

Gloss is the ticket for romance, but not the sticky kind. Organic lip shimmer from Bella Reina gives a hint of pink color without the stickiness of some gloss.

Flirty makeup tips are perfect for romance, a dinner out, and especially for Valentine’s Day.


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