Can’t I See the Environ Prices

Can’t I See the Environ Prices

You can’t see the prices, because as an authorized stockist, we are licensed and agree to show the prices only to clients that have received a proper skin care analysis and consultation.

Bella Reina Spa, Inc. is proudly an authorized Environ Skin Care product stockist.

In order to purchase Environ products online, you must create an account and be logged in to see pricing.

Does that seem a little dumb these days?

Well, not really considering Dr. Des Fernandez the creator of Environ Skincare wants to make sure every client has a proper skin analysis and knows how to use the products.

It also helps protect against fraud. – yes, counterfeit products.

If you see that Environ Skin Care products are discounted in any way or if you see the prices without logging in, you will not be dealing with a reputable stockist and the products may be counterfeit.

Facts about Counterfeit Environ Skin Care Products & Unauthorized sellers:

Several websites and online outlets have been illegally selling counterfeit products labeled as “Environ”. Please be aware that they are not authorized Environ® distributors. Environ® does not sell – and has never sold – any of its products to consumers online without a consultation. For more information on counterfeit products, click here.

All genuine Environ Skin Care ® products are exclusively available through worldwide distributors, MDs, and Environ®-trained Professionals; and are imported into the U.S. labeled with an unbroken Warning Seal. They do so to protect you, their valued customer, and to ensure that you receive only the highest-quality skincare products.


Because of the strength of Environ Skincare, it must be recommended by an aesthetician or doctor. The Environ Skin Care line is divided up into groups by strength.

Here is more information:

The most important products in the line (although they are all phenomenal) are the ones containing Vitamin A. If you are just starting out with Environ and you have never used a product containing Vitamin A, you will start with the Environ AVST Gel. Once your skin builds up and starts to improve, you can then move up to the AVST line.
The line is a step up line which means that each time your skin gets used to strength, the next time you purchase, you will move up to the next product. For example, AVST 3 will move to AVST 4. When the skin is used to the AVST line, you can then move to the Skin EssentiA Skin or C-Quence line. Skin EssentiA  (C-Quence) provides the highest dosage of Vitamin A to the skin dispensing up to 30,000 units of Vitamin A. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email one of our estheticians available 7 (seven) days a week.

Simply Call Us or Email

If you wish to order your Environ products, please just call us at  561-404-7670 so we can provide advice to ensure you get the best product for your skincare objective. We are fully trained Environ Skin Care experts and can answer any questions you may have.

Price list  To receive more information about the  Environ® Skin Care range, please complete the request form below. Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding the Environ range please call us on 561-404-7670 or send us your questions using the form below.