Applying Makeup for a Natural Look

Applying makeup for a natural look is not so hard. The trick is to make it look like you don’t have any on. But, of course, you really do. The natural look is about making you look beautiful, but with makeup. The girls with the no-makeup look – well, that is a different topic altogether. There are some really important techniques for making it look natural.

Techniques for Applying Makeup for a Natural Look

  1. Clean, Exfoliated Skin. Make sure that your skin is clean, exfoliated and moisturized. If the skin is not exfoliated, makeup doesn’t apply easily.
  2. Apply Foundation. Perfectly match your foundation to your skin undertones and across the jawline. Apply foundation over the entire face, even your eyes.
  3. Conceal. Conceal the areas that bother you including under eyes, blemishes or red spots.
  4. Apply Mineral Powder. Lightly powder to set the foundation. Use a brush or a fluffy powder puff to set the powder. Roll the puff across the face and eyes to set the powder after you a brushed it on. This really sets the powder well!
  5. Apply Blush or Bronzer. Now, this where it gets tricky, because applying makeup for a natural look means that the colors applied must look “au natural”. Depending on your skin tone, a natural blush color should be complementary to your undertones. Cool or warm the undertone of the blush or bronzer has to match your natural blush color. Too often, the blush is too rosy on warm skin or it is too dark. For warm skin tones, try a blend between coral and warm pink. For cool skin tones, try a blend between dark rose and blue-brown. The color should be in harmony with your lip color.

Even More Suggestions

  1. Apply Eye Shadow. Applying makeup with a goal of looking natural is equally as important for the eyes. Choosing the right colors again is very important. Your eye color and your skin color should be considered. The natural look is going to blend in with your skin color. The eyeliner should never be harsh and tight lining the eyes is a great idea with the natural look for the eyes.
  2. Use a Brow Pencil for the Eye Liner Color. Using a brow pencil color for your liner means that your own natural color will come out in the liner. Choose the color that matches your brows the closest and uses for the brows and the liner. That’s easy!
  3. Keep the lips the color of the lips. Whatever your lip color is, try to match it or have it be just a shade darker. Natural-looking lip color is a great look and really makes the whole look come together.

Applying makeup for a natural look is an art that involves color harmony. Choose the right colors and your natural look will be gorgeous. Just right for a casual night out for #bellaTGIF.

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