Super Cute Makeup Ideas

What are super cute makeup ideas?  It’s the one tip or trick that makes you feel beautiful from the inside out. Makeup is an art and expression. It is designed to enhance your beauty, not hide or diminish. You may want to hide something you don’t like (aka- a flaw). The goal of makeup is to make you feel gorgeous and fabulous. You know just how it feels!

Super Cute Makeup Ideas

    • Foundation Before Concealer.  Apply your foundation first and then your concealer. It will not cause a “cake-up of makeup”.
    • Apply with a Brush. Don’t believe us? Try taking a mirror. Apply the foundation 3 ways – with your fingers, a sponge, or a foundation brush? Which one applies the best? Fingers are messy (plus ooh the bacteria). Sponges use all of your foundation. (yes, for real, look how much makeup is in the sponge). With a Foundation Brush, it just glides on.
    • Conceal with the Right Color. This is a hard one, because when you buy concealer, you think it will conceal everything. But this isn’t always right. The concealer has more pigment than foundation shades. Sometimes it can be thicker. You cannot conceal a big red acne bump with a flesh tone concealer. Sorry, but it won’t hide the red.
    • Blush Color Matches Your Lips. Having trouble choosing the right color blush? Try a blush color that is the same color as your lips. It will be in total harmony with your face and give you a softer glow.
    • Use 2 in 1 Products. Get more bang for your buck, when you use products that have 2 uses. Like BB cream – it’s the perfect example of a 2 in 1 product.  It’s a face primer and a beauty balm all in one. A Brow Tint with biotin is another example. It conditions and colors the brows.
    • Don’t Try to Save Your Mascara. When mascara is dried out or when it is older than 3 months, it is time to go. Somewhere I read that you can revive it with eye drops. Just saying, eye drops are a vasoconstrictor designed to get the red out. Eyelashes are hair. Take the plunge, shop for a new mascara.

More Super Cute Makeup Ideas

  • Eye Base is a MUST. Take this test. Come into our makeup department. Try an eye shadow just by itself. Pick a dark color so you can really see this test. Try it without eye base. Now try it with eye base. Which one shows more color? Plus your eye shadow will last longer, saving you money.
  • Match the Jawline. Now this is one of those makeup ideas that is a must. If you apply match to the face your neck will be too dark. If you match to the neck, your face will look chalky or better yet “ghostly”. Therefore,  match from the top of the jawline down over the jawbone and to the neck, you will match both areas and get a shade that matches.
  • Flawless Face Means it Matches. Super cute makeup does not start with foundation makeup that is darker than your skin tone. If you want darker skin, try a self-tanner, but don’t try it with your foundation. Gorgeous makeup starts with the foundation matching the skin perfectly.
  • Natural Eye Lift and Use Highlighters. This is one of those super cute makeup ideas that is 2 in 1, because highlighters are used to give yourself a make-believe lift. First, a lighter color lifts and brings it off the face. A lighter color will pull that feature to the front. If you want your brow to appear higher, use white or ivory under and over the brow. You can use a metallic shade, but it also will reflect light. When you apply the white shadow, be sure to blend and blend and blend and blend. (Got it?)
  •  Line Before the Lash. Before you apply your false eyelashes (for of course, a more dramatic look), line the eye with black waterproof eyeliner. It does not have to be a thick line, but it ensures that if you miss a little on the lineup of the lash, no one will really notice.

There you go for #bellaglam, 11 super cute makeup ideas that you can play with to make it easier to apply your makeup. Go be beautiful!

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