Why Dogs Love Massage {And Why It’s So Good For You}

Ever wondered why dogs love massage? While I was giving Irma a rub to the ear, one leg starts to move happily back and forth. She then rolls over onto her back and lets me rub her belly. Do you think that sometimes dogs are smarter than humans?

Do you think that dogs love massage just because? Because it feels good. Because it makes them happy. Because it loosens up their muscles. Because it causes their hair follicles to send “happy” signals to their brains. Because it helps their joints move better.

Dogs Love Massage For More Reasons

If your dog is extremely active, massaging the joints can help the tissues by moving fluid into the muscles. Just like humanoids, dogs can get stiffness in their joints and have arthritis. Well if your pooch is smart enough to know that a massage is good for you, don’t you think that more people should have massages? (See my point)

During the holidays, people get anxious, stressed, overworked and hassled. This is one time that we should follow our dog’s lead. By that, do you think I mean, you should lay down and let your dog give you a massage? Now that would be funny, if I could arrive home from the spa and have Irma massage out the back kinks of the day.

Unfortunately, us humans need other humans for a great massage. The problems us humans have is that we don’t seem to take the time for a massage. I know that I have a million excuses. Not enough time. To much to do. Etc. Etc.

While our dogs are smart for many reasons, knowing when to get a massage is one of their fortes. They will drop and get a massage at a moments notice. But for us, it’s one hour of our time to help our bodies fell less “knotty” for days.

Dogs love massage because it makes them feel good. Lucky for them, they don’t have the rationale to say no. In this month of holidays and stress, follow your dog’s lead with a massage. In fact, Be Merry, Santa Knows You Are KNOTTY!

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