The Difference-Aromatherapy Oils and Therapeutic Grade

Want to know the difference between aromatherapy oils and therapeutic grade essential oils? We use all kinds of oils and creams at Bella Reina Spa.   Both for massaging and other purposes. All of  these oils have therapeutic benefits, which is why they are considered “therapeutic grade essential oils”.

Real high quality distilled oils always cost more.  Holistic aromatherapy means healing holistically. Rejuvenating the body and mind with the help of fragrance or scent. The smell is so divine that you will remember it forever. It is a treatment which involves the use of psychological and physiological benefits of the herbs essence. It helps in managing a lot of illnesses. So, if you are suffering from arthritis, cancer, stress, obesity, or dementia, you can easily check out the aromatherapy option for yourself. Beware of heavenly smelling adulterated oils which contain synthetic fragrances.

The Difference Between Aromatherapy Oils and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Therapeutic quality essential oils will help in taking you on a sensory journey. A journey  which will soothe and also balance your body and mind. You will feel enlivened after using these oils. These oils are quite different from pure aromatherapy oils. They will help in healing you emotionally as well as physically. So, what do you mean by therapeutic grade essential oil? Factors which makeup therapeutic grade essential oils include environmental considerations.   Harvesting, distillation, and bottling are additional factors. So, if the quality of crops is good then the oil quality too would be good and the price might be a little high.  Another difference between aromatherapy oils and the therapeutic grade.

Therapeutic quality essential oils like Thyme, Rosemary, or Basil have several kinds of chemotypes or chemical constituents.  Chemotypes are chemical component derived from plants. It has therapeutic effects because of the varied chemical components present in them. And, they are present in plants which are wild as well as cultivated. These oils are the plant’s volatile liquids. These are obtained by the distilliation of seeds, bark, roots, leaves, stems, fruits or flowers.  And, these will help you in easing out your aches, injuries and pains. It will also help you in relieving your depression and will act on the nervous system.  One example of an essential oil blend that provides a physical result is the Stress Relief Aromatherapy Body Spray by Bella Reina .  The blend of oils completely relaxes the nervous system to relive anxiety, stress, insomnia, nervousness and irritability.

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