What is Collodial Silver and How Do I Use It?

Clients will ask, What is Collodial Silver? And, our response is, “It’s the best little gel, in fact, it’s our number 1 selling product.” Why you may ask? Because it works wonders for the skin and the entire body. It’s simply a miracle worker in a tube.

Collodial silver has been on the market for years, but I actually found it 3 years ago at a spa show in Fort Lauderdale. In fact, I almost walked by the booth. The blue tubes were simply not that impressive. A gentleman asked me if we wanted 4 hours of anti-bacterial protection. At the time, it was prime flu season and everyone at the show was coughing or sneezing.

Over to the booth I went to get the “miracle silver gel” to get my 4 hours of cold season protection. It felt cool on the skin and little did I know that I would be introduced to volumes of scientific research, PubMed studies and pictures of burn wounds. The study that impressed me the most was that of an 86 year old woman who was burned when she pulled over a pot of scalding hot coffee onto her leg. The healing was chronicled with colladial silver gel from the day of the accident until 10 days later. It was simply incredible that the burn could heal that fast, but no less on an 86 year old.

Of course, we came home with the products and it has become a mainstay in the spa. From acne to client scrapes, the collodial silver gel never ceases to amaze in how it heals the body. It has also helped many clients that have psoriasis and eczema.
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At this point I could dazzle you with how it works, but know that collodial silver attaches to the bacteria and basically blocks it from reproducing. That’s a fairly simple explanation, but that’s what it does.
Collodial silver has the following fabulous benefits:

Fabulous Wound Healer for Burns, Scrapes
Skin Immune Issues
Inflammation in the Skin (like Acne or Rosacea)
Hand Santizer (for colds & flu)
Insect Bites & Ringworm

The collodial silver gel that has been the mainstay at the spa is from ASAP365. The product is patented, tested and from the client testimonials and our own experience, it heals and rejuvenates the skin.

Personally, I keep a tube in my hand bag and it has become my protection on flights, trains and any public place. I put a little on each hand like lotion. It also works well to hydrate the skin. If I’m flying I also dab a little under my nose.

For more information on collodial silver gel or the “magic silver gel”, stop by the spa, or click here for more information.

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