Top and Bottom Eyeliner

Makeup has no rules. We think that you should let your eyes do the speaking with your top and bottom eyeliner. It’s how you feel you look.

“The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.”  – Saint Jerome

Yes, we don’t want to look like a clown, but there are no hard and fast rules on having eyeliner on both the top and bottom of your eye. It’s all in how you apply the eyeliner that matters. Here are a few suggestions for liners based on your lid and brow area. These will make it easier to know if you should have top and bottom eyeliner.

Top and Bottom Eyeliner Tips

There are four major eyelid and brow types based on proportions and how much lid is showing.  Each one has tips as to the top and bottom eyeliner.

  1. Proportioned lid and brow – The lid shows and there is plenty of room with the brow, so anything goes.  Top and bottom eyeliner are perfectly okay for this eye and it can be thick or thin.  This type of eye can use any color eyeliner, black, brown, plum or blue.
  2. More Brow Space, Little or no Lid Showing – This eye type can definitely wear liner on both the top and bottom, but it looks nicer if the eyelid liner is heavier and more prominent.  This eye type can definitely wear the wing tipped eyeliner too. Any color eyeliner is perfect for this lid and brow shape.  Some artists like to line only the bottom for a deep set eye, because they feel like it evens out the proportions.
  3. Less Brow Space, Little or no Lid Showing – This type of lid and brow combination can look closed in if you apply liner to thick on either the top or bottom lid.  This type of eye shape needs a thinner line on the top and bottom so that you can make the area between the eye and the eyebrow look bigger. With this shape, stay away from black if you can, because it will tend to close the eye down and make it look smaller.
  4. Prominent Lid and Less Brow Space – The lid will show with this type of eye and again you can use both top and bottom eyeliner, but this type of eye seems to look better with only liner on the top.  Maybe it’s because the liner on the bottom tends to close the eye area, but liner on the lid looks best.  The line can be thick or thin and any color goes.

Your eyes will speak and dance no matter your liner, because of the twinkle in your eye.  Better than that, check out the Monday #bellabeautysteal.  There might just be a discount on cosmetics!


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