A Few Tips to Prevent a Bad Makeup Job

bad makeup job


It’s no fun when people talk about your makeup behind your back–whether it is a just bad makeup job or having clown-like makeup. Applying makeup is never easy for the novice, but whatever you do, just remember – Less is More

Learning how to apply makeup the right way takes practice, just like anything. Sometimes people will forget this and think their makeup looks really great. In reality, their makeup looks terrible. This may be why most women struggle with applying makeup. It can end up looking too heavy, too thick, the wrong colors or even worse, older. Some typical bad makeup jobs including applying makeup in the wrong colors, applying a foundation color that is too dark, applying too much blush in the wrong places and applying dramatic makeup for your daytime look.

Tips to Prevent the Bad Makeup Job

  • Enhance your features with makeup, not a cover-up.
  • Apply makeup in thin strokes until you get comfortable with lines and drawing.
  • Lighter is better than heavier-makeup applied too thickly creates creases.
  • Make sure that your foundation color matches your skin tone – too dark creates a line on the jaw.
  • Choosing the right colors for you is not easy, but with some practice, you can see what looks good on you.
  • Apply makeup for the right situation. Makeup at the office calls for professional makeup, too heavy will get comments from co-workers. Evening and dramatic makeup is meant for the evening.
  • When you are using brushes, remember to shake the brush, so that it doesn’t deposit a heavy “glob” of color.
  • Use the right brush for applying makeup to the right place. Don’t use a foundation brush to apply blush….it just won’t look right.

Have fun with your makeup, being artistic and practicing. Practice and patience ensure great makeup.


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