The Seven Deadly Sins of Bad Acne

 The Seven Deadly Sins of Bad Acne

Having bad acne skin can be debilitating from a self-confidence standpoint and self-esteem. When someone has really bad skin, you can spend as much time working with their feelings about their beauty as you do on their skin. To #bellainspire you to keep working on your skin, try to understand what aggravates acne and what you can do to wipe away the problem.

You already know that acne is a chronic skin disorder. The skin can look really, really clear; but if you feel the skin, and it feels bumpy you can have acne and underlying whiteheads and blackheads. If you could see inside your skin, you would see that the breakouts can leak from the inside. When the skin is finally clear, a balance has been struck with the world. It’s not just your internal world. It’s your external world too. The inspiration for fixing bad acne skin is that you don’t have to live with bad skin. For real.

Sin #1: Nutrition

You will be the first to tell us that nutrition has nothing to do with acne. That is simply not true. As the largest organ of the body, the skin holds all of the toxins when the liver and lymphatic system cannot do their job. So when you eat or drink something that your body does not like, your body will tell you. It may take two days or three. If your body does not like dairy, yeast, or sugar, it is going to tell you. The outcry from the skin is usually an “under-grounder” that hurts like the devil and appears as a third eye. How to tell if food is bothering you? Start a journal writing down everything you eat. Also in the journal, write how your skin is. A little diagram to mark where the acne is occurring can pinpoint what your acne is coming from.

Sin #2: Over-Drying the Skin

– When you look at your acne, you have a tendency to think you have oily skin. When in reality, the oil may not have anything to do with your acne. Your acne could be coming from your makeup or from your detergent. When you think it is because you have oily skin, you go nuts with every drying cleanser, scrub, acid, pimple lotion that is on the market. When the skin is stripped of all the oil, it suddenly signals the brain to send down more oil. Oh boy, now you have started a cycle that you will not win. The brain will win this one- just saying. Over-drying the skin also causes the skin to be brittle and to hold blackheads and whiteheads in the skin. Think of an orange holding in moisture and that is your skin when you turn it into the Sahara desert. Use a cleanser that doesn’t over strip your skin of oil. Your skin should not feel dry to the touch.

Sin #3: Understanding External and Internal Acne

– There are two sources of acne: Internal and External.

Internal acne comes from nutrition (things you eat (or don’t eat), stress hormones drugs (prescription, over the counter, and illegal), pregnancy, or too much iodide External acne comes from your environment and things you come in contact with. When working with external acne you are dealing with the environment (humidity), picking (which promotes bacteria and can spread), cosmetics (some cause acne and blackheads), wrong skincare (too drying or not enough of the right moisture), detergents fragrances, or hair products with waxes.

Sin #4: No Two Acne Skins can be Treated the Same

– Your acne and your best friend’s acne are not the same. You don’t eat the same things, you don’t sleep on the same pillowcases, and you don’t come in contact with the same things. Our skin has different needs, so it’s important to have a skincare regimen that works for your skin. A consultation with an expert aesthetician or dermatologist can also determine the right treatment for you. For real, every acne skin is a new puzzle determining what is causing the acne. Every acne case should be evaluated individually.

Sin #5: My Acne is Hereditary

– Yes, your parents might have had acne when they were teens or even into their 40’s. Having hereditary acne means that you are sensitive or allergic to the same things as your parents. Wow! Do you think if dairy is bothering you that maybe your parents’ acne could have been caused by dairy too? It goes with all of the food that you eat. Food sensitivities are genetically passed from one generation to another, just like all of your DNA.

Sin #6: Cover Up the Bumpy Skin

– If I put enough makeup on, it will hide my acne. Makeup is not like applying a mask. In many cases, makeup can cause the skin to not function properly as it’s blocking oxygen to the skin. You’re only saturating your pores! If you feel your face and you feel that it has bumps – it is not perfectly smooth, then you need to work on getting the blackheads and toxins out of the skin. And even worse than saturating your skin with makeup to cover up your acne, is not washing your face properly. If you leave your makeup on, your pores will just continue to be saturated, and you will have oil and sebum build-up. 

Sin #7: Not showering after a workout

-It’s important to shower right after a workout. Why? Because this prevents sweat, bacteria, and other impurities to clog up your pores. This can make your acne even worse! Cleanse your face twice a day (morning and night), especially after a workout! 

My Acne is Different – It will never go away

Not true. Don’t give up on your acne. Yes, it’s a process, and reality bites, especially if your body is sensitive to sugar or dairy. But if you have acne on your face from dairy and sugar, just imagine what is happening on the inside of your body. What is your body having to do on a daily basis to keep your systems operating when it is overloaded with toxins. Is your immune system unable to fight because all of your systems are on a full-scale alert from toxins?

Having bad acne is the pit of an avocado, the pit of a peach, or the pit of the earth. #bellainspire and determine what is causing your acne today. Don’t stop until you figure it out, because having acne is not something you have to live with.

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