Really, Truly – What Makes The Best Cruelty Free Foundation?

If you are in search of the best cruelty free foundation, learn what makes it cruelty-free and what is actually in the foundation. The options for products that are vegan and not tested on animals has grown dramatically in the last few years. While the options have expanded, the marketing of products with ingredients that are not good for the skin has stayed the same. This means that often there are ingredients that cause acne or some manufacturers will use a filler ingredient to save money. In other words, and unfortunately, sometimes when you purchase a product that you think is good for you….it is not.

So, let us go through what makes the best cruelty free foundation. This means we will cover the ingredients and attributes. Why they are in a foundation?  In some cases, we will let you know “stuff” that is not good for your skin. In research and development for this topic, we discovered that most writers simply listed the best cruelty free foundations. But they did not discuss what is in the foundations. You see there can be hidden ingredients in even so-called great foundations. The more you know what is good for your skin, the better your skin will look and feel.

What should you look for in the Best Cruelty Free Foundation?

Coverage – The coverage of any foundation is based on the amount of pigment. In the “foundation world”, the pigment is one of the major costs, but this is what gives the foundation coverage. Some manufacturers will use titanium dioxide for coverage which causes the foundation to “go to ash”.  Also, some manufacturers will use the titanium to save money in the foundation forumla. With the best cruelty free foundation it will cover scars, redness, hyperpigmentation and smooth skin tones with very little titanium.

Finish – Do you like matte coverage or dewy coverage? Personally, I think glowing, fresh skin looks better than a pancake. So the consistency of the best cruelty free foundation and the emoillents in the foundation will control the finish. Three ingredients to avoid in foundations are isopropyl myristate, isopropyl palmitate and coconut alkanes. All are derivatives of coconut oil and are considered to be comedogenic (causes acne). Please stay away from foundations that use these emoillents for a smooth finish.

Benefits to the Skin – You cannot put something on your skin that is not good for it. So, look for the best cruelty free foundation to have healing ingredients. Is it skincare makeup? For example, in Bella Reina’s Mineral Foundation, there is Green Tea, Calendula, Chamomile, Cornflower, Linden and St. John’s Wort. All of these extracts that are calming and soothing to the skin. So if you have sensitive skin, redness, rosacea or capillaries, the skin will feel calm all day.

Weightlessness -In the best cruelty free foundation, emollients for hydration will keep the foundation light. Some products simply feel heavy when applied because of the ratio of pigment to the other ingredients. You can have a highly pigmented foundation, but it needs other ingredients to balance the weight. The weight of the moisturizer can be tested on the jawline. If after the the test area dries and oxidizes, it sits on the skin, you know that it is too heavy.

Highly Pigmented Minerals–  A highly pigmented liquid mineral foundation base has 11% pigment whereas most foundations have 6% tops. This means that it will cover easily and with less foundation. It means the best cruelty free foundation will last longer and you will get your money’s worth. Too much foundation or too heavy a foundation can make you look older

Double as Concealer & Foundation – The formula must hide any imperfections and smooth skin tones. Even though contour and highlight are big today, there is something to be said for applying one foundation and being done. I say, “one and done” for the best cruelty free foundation. Save the contour for special occasions when you are going out on the town with Kim K.

Oil-Free – Oil-free is very important however that being said, some manufacturers use ingredients that absorb oil that are not great for the “oily look” like micronized pearl particles, bismuth and mica. Kaolin (French clay) is a great ingredient for the best cruelty free foundation that actually absorbs oil and balances hydration. Kaolin also balances the skin’s sebum (oil) so that all day long, the face looks and feels oil-free.

Skin Match – Matching the skin perfectly means that the best cruelty free foundation has to look like you do not have any foundation on. That means that after you apply the foundation, the air will hit the skin, slowly oxidizing. The color will then settle in and that is the perfect match.

Never Tested on Animals – Of utmost importance to a great cosmetic product is that it is not tested on animals. Many cosmetics are being manufactured in China today and those are being tested on animals. It is so not cool.

Vegan – The final quality of the best cruelty free foundation is that it is vegan. This means that no animal products were used in the manufacturing or the formula. The vegan lifestyle is a choice, but knowing that your foundation does not have animal by-products is a good choice.

There you have the characteristics of what makes a foundation. In fact, what makes the best cruelty free foundation. If you need more information or color samples, please don’t hesitate to pop over to our Bella Reina Shopping website or email us at info (at) mibellareina (dot) com.

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