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Bella Reina is pleased to enter the online world of beauty, fitness and health shops with the new ShopBellaReina.com.  The online beauty & health shop is a new division of Bella Reina Spa, Delray Beach’s award winning boutique spa.

Bella Reina which means “my beautiful queen” in Spanish.  This online beauty & health shop has skincare, makeup, cosmetics, aromatherapy, fragrances, fitness, and spa products.  The website will also offer the ability for clients to receive assistance in purchasing the right skincare, makeup and aromatherapy products.

Brands that are available include Dr. Grandel, Image Skin Care, Environ Skin Care, Bella Reina, Poo-Pourri, Gehwol, and Footlogix, just to name a few.  The focus of the website is to bring professional spa products used in the spa to the entire United States.

In the spa, the master estheticians, nail technicians, and massage therapists often have clients confused about products.  One of Bella-Reina’s main focus will be education on each product, product ingredients and professional skin treatments that you can do at home.

An example of professional skin treatment with one of our Nancy Reagan skincare line is as follows:

Professional Home Skin Treatment

Initial Steps

  1. Cleanse with the Bella Reina Organic Beta Cleanser. While this cleanser contains roman chamomile and arnica, it also has 2% Salicylic Acid.  This clears the dead skin away and creates a youthful glow.
  2. Apply the Nancy Reagan Crystal Micro-Polish all over the face and neck like a mask.  Refined and polished with bamboo and White Bora Bora sand, the Crystal Micro-Polish works as a dual skin treatment product.  It’s a mask and it’s an exfoliator.  Leave the Micro-Polish on for at least 5 minutes (while you are brushing your teeth) with 15 minutes being the best.  In small circles, start to work the Micro-Polish at-home microdermabrasion around the face and neck.  Continue until the skin is slightly pink.  This encourages cellular circulation.  This intense resurfacing treatment will clear away dead-cells and will allow for better absorption of your Face and Neck Infusion Creme.
  3. The third step in our at home youthful skin treatment is the application of the Bella Reina Intense Peptide Serum.  This product is peptide driven by dual active ingredients Argirelene and Syn-ake.  Combined these ingredients and antioxidants consequently protect and reinforce the collagen and elastin.  What does a peptide do?  It helps to block the signals from a neuro-transmitter to the muscle, as a result decreasing movement and shrinking the wrinkle depth.  Apply the serum to crow’s feet, smile lines, and neck muscles. Anywhere that you want to lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

Final Step

  1. The fourth and last step for the home skin treatment is the application of the Nancy Reagan Face & Neck Infusion Creme.  The creme is power packed with active ingredients. So many that we consider it a Facial Skin Treatment all by itself.  With it’s topical Vitamin A, peptides, copper, DMAE and ALA’s, this creme should be applied over the serum (always apply serums first) and all over the face and neck.

This professional home skin treatment uses the same products as in the spa facial treatments.  The exfoliation, the application of a mask and the treatment serum and creme makes up is the same process as our spa facial.  The only difference is that you are doing the application.

There are many websites for shopping and purchasing online spa and beauty products. We think you will find enjoyable, and even more the education and professional advice from our team of beauty experts.  Our experts will match you to the best products possible and above all the right products for you.  We love natural beauty products that are simple and really easy to use.  With this new online shopping website, we’ve cherry-picked only the best in skincare, cosmetics, aromatherapy, spa and other beauty products.

Here at Bella Reina, we will tell you why we love them and how to use every product.  Welcome and Happy Beauty Shopping!

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