Really Nice Makeup for #TGIF Friday

We are all about having really nice makeup, but it needs to happen fast. None of us walk around with on-hand makeup artists nor are we all talented makeup artists.  In fact, when we talked with all of the team at Bella Reina, most of us were still using the same brand of mascara or cleanser that we first used in high school.

Now we don’t think of ourselves as unsophisticated, we are just busy with work, school, children and dating. We don’t have time to spend hours applying makeup. We just want really nice makeup that we can look really super for a Friday night out. What was even better, was when we started writing down the steps, we realized that all of us did about the same makeup application in under 10 minutes. (The need for speed!)

Nice Makeup Tips for #TGIF

  1. Cleanse your face and apply a face primer.  We love ours underneath a moisturizer because it fills in and creates a smooth surface. If you need more apply a moisturizer
  2. Apply foundation. It’s better with a brush, but if you must use your fingers, oh well.
  3. Apply bronzer to cheeks, top of nose, and forehead for color and affect. If it has a little sparkle, it adds a nice touch for Friday night out.
  4. Apply eyeliner according to your eye type.  Under eye or over eye or both. Use the waterproof eye liner because it dries in seconds.
  5. Apply base eye shadow to eyelid and brow bone. Apply a crease shadow and blend.  Make sure the shadows that you use blend with what you are wearing.
  6. Mascara is a must for really nice makeup. It makes your lashes look longer, fuller and the new high-definition mascara gives them true “batting practice” for a Friday night!
  7. Lipliner, lipstick and lipgloss are next for your easy, simple makeup.
  8. Spritz with makeup finishing spray. Know this is an extra step, but when you are dancing you will need the extra staying power of a makeup setting product.

That’s it. Simple, easy, nice makeup for a #bellaTGIF.

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