Natural Vegan Makeup: 6 Brands You Should Know About

Natural Vegan Makeup

Maybe you’ve decided natural vegan makeup is better for your skin, or you want to refuse products containing animals. Regardless of your reason, there are a plethora of options to stock up on to perfect your look. These are the top six natural vegan makeup brands you should look into for all of your cosmetic needs.


This Australian-owned company got its start when the founder realized there were no healthy options for makeup. Their makeup has since won over 35 awards, beating many top competitors in categories like Natural & Organic for their lipstick.
Their primary ingredients include Aloe Vera, Calendula, Tamanu Oil, Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Green Tea Extract, Rosehip Oil, and Kakadu Plum. These ingredients nourish, soothe and moisturize your skin. Despite all of these ingredients, their makeup is still weightless. With no chemicals, additives or fillers, they have one of the highest safety ratings the Environmental Working Group can offer.
Bestseller: Organic Liquid Foundation. Available in four colors — beige, cream, honey, and tan. This foundation offers flawless coverage and hydrates your skin in the process.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Makeup artist David Klasfeld founded this company in NYC in 2004. He started his line with lip balms that were different from traditional market options. Today, the company offers skin, nail and lip lines that are 100% vegan.
The brand emphasizes pure pigments and stands by its products. In fact, they’ve never paid for a blog’s endorsement — all praise is inspired. OCC is cruelty-free and internationally certified by PETA.
Bestseller: Lip Tar. The initial creation that launched the line, the lip tar stains and stays in place no matter what. Coffee cups and soda straws are no matches for this lip color, which is always true to picture.

Urban Decay

This flashy, brightly colored line is high performance with no threat to animals. When Wende Zomnir created the organization in the ‘90s, she sought to break away from the norms. She didn’t limit herself to reds and pinks. She branched out for purples, golds, and blacks in lipsticks and eyeshadows.
Today, the company is most well-known for their eyeshadows. But they don’t limit themselves. They make everything from mascara and eyeliner to brushes and foundation. Another vice is providing an enormous variety of color options, and they aim to please makeup junkies.
Bestseller: Vitamin-infused priming spray. This natural vegan makeup prepares your complexion for bronzers, highlighters, shadows, and liners. It supplies your skin with vitamins it needs to feel silky and healthy. The spray contains the first stabilized topical form of B6. In fact, most who use it notice a reduced amount of oil on their skin.


The founder of this company was pregnant when she sought a healthy, safe way to rejuvenate her nails. So, using her own recipe, she created a holistic approach to nail care. Unlike other nail care lines, Londontown’s nails work from the inside out, strengthening and hydrating damaged nails.
The key to their success is what they call Florium Complex, a mix of Rapeseed Oil, Chamomile Extract, Garlic Extract, Cucumber Extract, Evening Primrose Oil, and Vitamins A&E. Together, these natural ingredients moisturize and strengthen nails while encouraging them to grow.
Bestseller: Lakur Teatime. This beige nail color is high-pigment and long-lasting without signs of chipping. Two coats and a hardener make this minimalist color appear elegant and classy year-round.

Honeybee Gardens

Herbalist Melissa J. Buckley studied for years to find the perfect cosmetics she could make in her own kitchen. What started as trial-and-error for her husband’s aftershave led to a business. The line of moisturizers, powders, and other natural vegan makeup is world-renowned. Today, Buckley embraces her 100% natural products. They offer no environmental pollution and Buckley donates to no-kill animal shelters every month.
In short, the company holds to its motto: “Create pure, all-natural bath and body care products made from only the finest organic ingredients, offer them at a reasonable price, and treat every customer like a friend.”
Bestseller: Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow. Available in Coco Loco, Dragonfly, Drama Bomb, and Pacific. These stark shades are crease-proof and blend remarkably.


Best-known for their creamy lipsticks, Axiology products are pure and luxurious. They believe beauty is important, but that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your values to get the perfect look. Self-described as altruistic, they’re internationally recognized by several organizations and humane societies for their organic, cruelty-free ethos.
The founder is passionate about a vegan lifestyle. She has explored natural, unique options for creating makeup. She even traveled to Bali, Indonesia for inspiration. While there, she found a woman-owned recycling factory that now produces the packaging for all Axiology products. Not only is Axiology ethical, but they are also community-oriented.
Bestseller: Matte Red Orange Lipstick. With ingredients like coconut oil and avocado butter, this beautiful earth tone moisturizes like a balm while appearing like a lipstick. Hours of hydration after application makes for a lipstick you can depend on.

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