Top 10 Must Have Beauty Products for Back to School

Looking for must have beauty products for back to school is not a usual high priority on the list. Back to school is right around the corner and this past weekend the shoppers were everywhere.  School supplies are being purchased, new clothes are piling up, but what about your beauty products? There are certain things that you need on a daily basis so that you can face the new school year in beauty and style. We’ve listed them in the order of least needed to most needed.

Top 10 Must Have Beauty Products for Back to School

#10. Non-Slip Yoga Mat – Most don’t think of yoga with beauty products, but you need to stretch or exercise after sitting in school all day. Exercise is a must during the school year and a yoga mat is easy to store anywhere in your dorm room or at home.

#9. Nail Polish – A light color of nail polish looks beautiful and just finishes the nails with class.  Bella Reina, a Gluten and Paraben Free natural Vegan Lipstick. The perfect color for the new school year is red.

#8. Fragrance – Nothing that overpowers your school buddies, but a nice light fragrance like Dolly Girl from Anna Sui gives a nice, casual day time fragrance. It’s not going to give your seat mate an allergy attack.

#7. Eye Pillow – When it comes time to sleep, you need to relax, but sometimes the brain wants to keep working. The lavender eye pillow is like applying a compress of “calm” to the mind. Most you can use warm or cold. We suggest our Flax Seed Organic Lavender eye Pillow for a wonderful aromatic scent!

#6. Headache Roll-On – Something is bound to give you a headache during the school year. Your teacher, the principal or not drinking enough water. The headache roll-on is easy, fast and better for your liver then popping some pills. Rub it on your temples and let the essential oils work to relax those aching pains.

The Countdown Continues…..

#5. Energy Essential Oil Blend – You will need energy, guaranteed. Up early, school all day, maybe sports afterward, your days will be full. Breathe in before a big exam or put some on a tissue and put under your sleeve.

#4. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen – For those of us they smudge eyeliner or can’t draw a straight line.  This product is for us. It draws a thin or thick line, it stays put, it dries in seconds and it’s waterproof!

#3. Brow Tint Mascara – We know that you know that brows are the window frames to see the soul. It’s even better if you can see the brows and if they are filled in and perfectly shaped.  Brow Tint Mascara gives such a finished look to the brows. Just try it and see.

#2. Concealer Pen – This concealer pen is a diamond in the rough because it comes with a built-in brush.  Yes, it is simple to use, easy to apply, and voila, the zit is gonzo.

#1. Mascara – Absolutely without a shadow of a doubt, the #1 must have beauty product for back to school is mascara.  It was a toss up between mascara and concealer and the mascara won on one condition. When you can bat your fabulous lashes, no ones looking at your little zit.  He is looking at your eyes!

Best of all you bella beauties, today starts the #bellabeautysteal with up to 50% off products and most importantly, you will be saving on those must have beauty products for back to school.


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