Ideas for Applying Makeup Simply & Easily

For #bellabeautytip, we want you to have googols of makeup ideas for applying makeup simply and easy. What is a googol? It is a whole lot of ideas!

Ideas For Applying Makeup Simply & Easily

  1. Makeup Looks Great on Great Skin –  Dehydrated skin from temperature change, dry heat, winds and lower humidity makes a difference in your skin health and hydration. For makeup to apply smoothly, you need the skin to be nourished from the inside out.  Try eating foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Makeup ideas that follow depend on your skin looking great. If your skin is dehydrated, the foundations, the powders, the shadows will all appear dull and drab.  The makeup will not stick on your skin if your skin is healthy.
  2. Foundation Application with Concealer and Powder is Key – The start to great makeup is the application of foundation and concealer.  Apply the foundation first, then conceal the areas or flaws you wish to cover, and set with powder.
  3. Mascara Gets on Foundation – You’ve applied your high definition mascara, your lashes blink and there it is, black on your cheeks. The first impulse is to wipe it off with water or eye makeup remover.  Stop – it will make it worse.  Gently take a cotton swab and put it in your foundation to lift off the color. If you roll the swab, it will remove the color.  If necessary, use powder again, to set the foundation.
  4. Really Hide Eye Puffiness – Yes, the dreaded eye bags are hard to hide.  If you remember that dark hides and light brings out, it will help you conceal the under-eye circles.  When you look at your eyes, you will see the crease and then the puffiness.  You want to hide the puffiness, right?  Then that means you will need dark to hide the puffiness. Where the crease or line is, you will need light, to make that less visible.

More Ideas

  1. Getting the Right Shade of Foundation – Matching foundation doesn’t happen on the face, the hands or the neck. The perfect match for foundation is on the jawline. The jawline will take into account your face (which is usually darker) and your neck (which is usually lighter). Between the two, you will find the right color for your skin. This is a super important makeup idea, as the foundation is like the base for all of your makeup.  If it is too light or too dark, your makeup will not look great.
  2. Apply Concealer After Foundation – Yes, we know, you thought it was the other way. This makes sense.  Your foundation (depending how much pigment is in it) is going to cover some of your blemishes or flaws. How do you know what to conceal prior to putting on the foundation? Apply the foundation and then go back and conceal what you don’t want to see.
  3. Longest Lasting Lipstick Ever – Lipstick wasn’t meant to last forever, but sometimes we need it to last. First you have to apply concealer or face primer to your lips. We like face primer a lot, because it fills in the fine lines around the lips. One of the best lipstick makeup ideas ever is to apply foundation and powder over the lips. Then powder. Then liner. Fill in the lips with the liner. Apply the lipstick. Use a blotting paper over the lipstick. Repeat powder, lipstick again. (Whew, we are tired already with these lips!)  You want it to last and this will make it last. Last, but not least, you want it to shine. Take a small gloss and apply to the bottom center lip.
  4. Lifting Your Eyebrow – A secret to gorgeous brows is something we do at the spa after every eyebrow shaping. We apply a very light concealer on the brow bone. Follow the shape of the brow.  This will make the brow definition pop and lip your eye at the same time.

Even More Ideas

  1. When in doubt, Less is More – As we simply want to look better as we age, one of the best makeup ideas ever is less is more. Whether it is droopy eyes, or the crows feet or the smile lines or the dreaded “elevens”, the more you try to conceal, the more attention you will draw to that area.
  2. For a Simple Makeup Look, No Eyeliner on the Lower Lid – If your eye area is a concern for how you look, less is more again. If you line the top and the bottom, your eyes must be able to carry off this look. For a more natural look, line the top, but not the bottom. For deep set eyes, you may only want to line the bottom. No matter your preference, try it with eyeliner and without eyeliner to see which you like better.  Which one makes your eyes pop?
  3. The Right Colors Make You the Beautiful Queen – Applying makeup is maybe an art, but it is also about colors.  There are warm, neutral and cool colors. If you are not wearing the right color, your makeup will not be looking so hot. How to determine if the color is right?  Apply the colors that you wish to use to your wrist. Do the colors blend in harmony or do the colors glare?

Makeup ideas come and go, but the basics stay the same. Tips can help, but really knowing a few tricks can go a long way in making you look your best.

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