Leading Lashes with Vegan Mascaras

Leading Lashes with Vegan Mascaras

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, beautiful lashes maybe best friends forever. Vegan mascaras are key to providing flair and functionality for beautifully framed faces. Extending over the eyes they act as somewhat of a shield of protection from dust and sun rays. Their flair can be designed to fit every personality, the girl next door or Lady GaGa. Lashes are the leading ladies in feminine facial expressions and are accented to highlight the true beauty hidden within.

Over the years, the appearance of women’s eye makeup has greatly evolved from the famous cat eyes of Egyptian kohl pots to vegan mascaras and mink lash extensions which are applied today. Magazine covers all over the world don gorgeous cover girls with long exotic lashes curved to perfection. Eyelashes are the newest trend on makeup alley and based on the response of women everywhere we don’t see them leaving anytime soon. The onslaught of mascara and lash extension options are endless. So what’s a girl to do? Don’t worry. We created this Guide to Great Lashes just for you. Enjoy!

A History Lesson in Lashes

Lashes haven’t always held the spotlight among beauty trends for women. IN fact in ancient Egypt men were more prone to enhance their eyelashes than women. The practice or smearing eyelashes was viewed more as a spiritual act. Many ancient Egyptians believed this regimen would keep evil spirits away and was thought to honor the original image of Re. In these times one of the most common and popular cosmetic products was a mixture of sulfide, animal fats, and other natural components. When combined for the use of makeup this mixture was called Kohl.

In the nineteenth century, a popular pioneer in the cosmetic industry in London emerged with a new formula for mascara. Eugene Rimmel created a unique blend of coal dust and Vaseline or petroleum jelly and a few secret ingredients. This new form of mascara took off and served as a catalyst for European women and their newfound obsession with cosmetics. Mascara has come such a long way from the days of coal and Vaseline. Unfortunately, some cosmetic companies have made larger strides in product improvement than others. Over the course of time science has allowed us to drastically improve our methods of product development and the safety of quality cosmetic collections.

Vegan Mascaras Lead the Way

This new and improved mascara was made to love your lashes. Literally. Our vegan-friendly mascara is made from the best ingredients to enhance the health of your lashes while leaving them full and flirtatious. You’ll be hooked by the intense topcoat that seals the deal for long-lasting definition.

Lashes You’ll Love

A little experimenting and finding the perfect vegan mascaras for you may be just what you need to give your face a little pizzazz. You can even kick it up another notch with vegan makeup that highlights your eyes. You can find tons of tutorials on Youtube. Here’s one of our favorites by Michelle Phan called “Payne’s Grey“. Vegan Mascara? Check. Perfect shadow combinations? Check. Go ahead and flaunt. Those lashes were made for batting!

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