We Knew Duri Rejuvacote When….

Duri Rejuvacote at Bella Reina Spa

Back in 1999, we first met the creator of Rejuvacote, Faina Ritz at a spa show in New York City. Ritz, the creator, and chemist for Duri Cosmetics, was also their biggest cheerleader. Standing maybe 5′ tall, Ritz explained why her products worked so well. Her passion for her products led us to champion them in the spa and we have been using them ever since.

Imagine our surprise almost 15 years later when we see the spa and salon only product being sold in Walmart. Not bad for Rejuvacote, but really good for us.  You see, Walmart hasn’t been working with the product for the last 15 years.  So they don’t really know how to apply it, use it and recommend it. And people who look to us for our expertise, will probably still look to us to understand how to use the product to get #bellastrong nails..

The Benefits of Duri Rejuvacote

  • Extends how long your manicure lasts
  • Helps to get healthy nails with keratin and calcium
  • Helps nails to grow
  • Works to help splitting and peeling nails
  • Won the “Best of Beauty” Allure Magazine award

Some Considerations With Sensitivity and Application

Applying Rejuvacote is very easy, but there are definitely keys to making the product work better. You can learn the details of applying the product here. If you are allergic to formaldehyde, there a smidgen of it in the product. It doesn’t ever cause drying of the nails like polishes that contain formaldehyde, but we think it is better that you know it in advance.

Also, if you have just removed acrylic nails, your nails are going to be super thin and super sensitive. Be sure to treat your nails first with a keratin glove hand treatment before using Rejuvacote after acrylic removal.  This helps hydrate the nails and keep the small the application from burning.

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