Hydrafacial In Delray Beach: Is It Worth The Hype?

Hydrafacial is not only one of the raves in Delray Beach but around the world. Some news outlets even claimed that the procedure is repeated every 15 secs globally. Well, we can’t provide statistics for that. But we agree that the sudden fame does beg several questions.

For starters, what is unique about hydrafacial? Is it even worth the hype? Most importantly, should you get your hydrafacial done in Delray Beach, FL?

What Is Unique About Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial is a fast-action (30minutes at most), 3-in-1 skin treatment compatible with all skin types and age groups. It cleanses, exfoliates, and injects the skin with nourishing and protective serum.

Above all that, the unique selling point of hydrafacial is that it can be done almost anywhere. In fact, millennials and generation Z prefer when they receive theirs in breaks during office hours. And that right there is why hydrafacial is one of the mainstays in spas.

Unlike other skin treatments that require rigid procedures, hydrafacial offers comfort. And to get even more comfortable, you can ask your dermatologist for an in-office or in-home treatment.

Even with the information so far, you might still have doubts regarding a hydrafacial. Perhaps you worry that the process might be expensive or that you won’t get it right in Delray Beach.

Well, let go of your doubts. Here are the benefits you stand to gain from hydrafacial:

3 Reasons Why Hydrafacial Is Worth The Hype

Painless Process

Unlike microdermabrasion, hydrafacial (also called hydradermabrasion) is a non-invasive treatment. Calling hydrafacial treatment is even going too far; it is more like a spa facial that shows quick results. For that reason, you’ll rarely experience any pain during your extraction. If you’d feel anything, it’ll be like a light massage.

Now, you might think, if there’s no pain, how come hydrafacial is effective?

The device used during hydrafacial doesn’t require any squeezing or pressure to remove gunk from the skin. It only needs a gentle touch, and you’ll see all the gunk to confirm the overall effectiveness.

Note: while hydrafacial is painless and has zero side effects, you can expect light flaking. However, that depends on the intensity of the exfoliation.


While most spa offerings are customizable, hydrafacials have endless customization. And with the right dermatologists, you can add several boosters to the mix. And while you’re at it, you can also include vitamins.

The best part: you can yet customize the processes of hydrafacial. For example, you can instruct your dermatologist to alter the peel level of the cleansing phase. Either way, rest assured that you’d get results streamlined to your skin type and needs.

In some rare cases, your dermatologist can even change the suction power of the hydrafacial tool. But ensure they understand your skin condition – if you have any.

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It Works With Other Treatment

While procedures such as Botox and dermaplaning are effective as standalone treatments, we understand if you want to add hydrafacial. Well, you can!

Hydrafacial procedures don’t and won’t affect the effectiveness of your other skin treatments. If anything, it might even speed the results.

However, it might not be cost-effective if you’re piling similar skin treatments. In other words, involve your dermatologist to determine if hydrafacial won’t be repetitions of your current programs. And if you’re insistent on hydrafacial, ask if you can substitute it for the previous procedures.

Ultimately, the results of hydrafacial (like other skin treatments) depend on where you get them. And that leaves with the last question: where in Delray Beach can you get professional hydrafacial?

Bella Reina Is The Best Place For Hydrafacial In Delray Beach!

We offer a range of customizable hydrafacials, and they are all affordable. Regardless of your choice, rest assured that our treatments are the best you can get anywhere. But because of the sunny condition all over Florida, ensure you apply sunscreen.

And if you need more assurances about hydrafacial, check our service page!

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