How To Make Your Nails Grow

Learning how to make your nails grow is one of the most asked questions we get. Nails grow very slowly and the growth is based on your age, what you eat and your health. Some people debunk the nail growth as related to nutrition and health, but it only makes sense. Let’s look at some facts:

  • According to the American Academy of Dermatology, ” Fingernails grow 0.1 millimeters each day and toenails grow 1 millimeter a month. Fingernails grow faster than toenails, and nails grow faster during the summer than the winter.”
  • The nail plate (the part you see) is created from a little sliver of cells under the skin. This is actually the root of the nail. The root is what makes new cells. The cells then pile up and push through the skin. By the time you see what comes out, the cells are dead, just like your hair. The cells you don’t see are the ones that need to be healthy. Thus, your diet, nutrition and lifestyle will affect your nail growth. How to make your nails grow is totally dependent on you. Making them grow faster comes from within the body. Create healthy cells and you will have healthy nails.
  • If you have diseases, your hair will “tell the tale”. Similar with the nails and this diagnostic view of the nails was documented by ancient healers who looked at the nails for the person’s health.
    • For example, we know at the spa if the person has very soft nails that they have nutrition issues or inflammation in their body.
    • Brittle nails or dry nails means that they are using too many harsh chemicals, detergents or too much acetone polish remover.
  • The list is endless for the information that the nails provide about your health. Besides nutrition, the nails can tell about circulatory problems, gland issues, infections and overall health.

How to Make Your Nails Grow

Now we understand that our nail growth depends on what we eat, our health and our age. So how do we make them grow faster? Create healthy nail cells in the matrix (the root of the nail)

  1. Be Active and Exercise. Can’t change your age (that’s a wish), but the younger you are the faster the cell cycle. The older you are the slower the cell cycle. If you lead an active lifestyle, your cell cycle doesn’t slow as much as sedentary lifestyles.
  2. Eat Healthy. Avoid sugar, dairy, preservatives, chemicals, GMO’s and sodas.
  3. Eat Protein. The nails are composed of keratin, a structural protein.  Those that are vegan and vegetarian, make sure you get enough protein in your diet.
  4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Being dehydrated is one of the biggest problems with nail growth and the health of the nails. Hey… water is good for everything in your body. Water hydrates. All of the other liquids you might consume are not hydrating the body or the nails. Remember healthy nails are coming from under the skin.
  5. Nail Care.
    1. Don’t cut your cuticle. Gently push back and cut the dead part only.
    2. Get regular manicures for good healthy nails
    3. Use a nail strengthener to coat the nails.
    4. Try a Keratin Glove Hand Treatment. It helps moisturize the nails and the hands.
    5. Wear gloves when you wash your hands.

Learning how to make your nails grow means that you treating your body from the inside to the outside. Your nails may be dead, but their healthy growth is coming from inside you. #bellabeautytip


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