How to Cleanse Your Face

How to Cleanse your Face

Learning how to cleanse your face properly can give you a lifetime of gorgeous skin. Washing your face should be the first step in your skincare regimen and perhaps one of the most important steps. It can remove dirt, oil, and dead skin, and keep your face looking healthy, and glowing. In fact, washing your face is so important, it should be done twice a day, both morning and evening. Washing your face seems like a very easy step. However, there are many factors that affect doing it properly. For those that wear a ton of makeup, you need a cleanser that emulsifies the makeup. For those that are super active, you need to remove the dirt from your skin and wash your face after a workout. All of the buildups of toxins and dirt contribute to many skin conditions.

Helpful Tips on How to Clean Your Face

#1: Wash Your Hands Before Washing Your Face: It’s very important to wash your hands before washing your face. Otherwise, it’s counterproductive. If you don’t wash your hands prior to washing your face, you will just be wiping your face with bacteria and dirt.

#2: Use the Right Facial Cleanser for Your Skin Type: Make sure you use a cleanser that is made for your skin type and skin conditions. If you have oily skin, don’t use a creamy cleanser, try using a foam cleanser instead. If you have dry, dehydrated skin, use a creamy cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, use a gentle cleanser. If your face feels tight, it means you’re using the wrong cleanser for your skin type. You don’t want to strip the natural oils in your skin, as these help the skin stay hydrated. Instead, you want a gentle facial cleanser that will get rid of the dead skin cells, oils, and dirt on your face, while keeping the skin hydrated, especially if you have dry skin or sensitive skin.

#3: Massage your face for 60 seconds: This will give your cleanser time to work. It can also stimulate better oxygen and blood circulation on your face, and stimulate your lymphatic system. This will help take in the full benefits of your cleanser and leave your skin looking healthy, glowing, and clean. The massage should be done in a circular motion, and gently, as the skin on your face is very delicate.

#4: Use a Soft Washcloth to Cleanse Your Face: Use a soft washcloth instead of your hands or a handheld brush like a Clarisonic to cleanse. Cleaning your face is a daily event – it should happen morning and evening. Using your hands is okay as long as you wash them first, but it doesn’t help to emulsify the makeup or “dirt”. Using a soft washcloth every day and changing it daily is a must. It keeps bacteria from your hands from affecting your face. Also, a new washcloth every day is a must for acne clients. Use a circular motion to cleanse your face.

#5: Don’t Over-Dry Your Skin: Over-drying the skin is one of the worst things you can do for your face. The skin is very delicate and the top layer of skin should not feel dry. It should feel soft and smooth. One of the biggest mistakes is feeling like you should strip all of the oil off of the skin. The skin needs healthy oils. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are needed as nutrients for the skin. Over-drying the skin leads to more oil as the brain doesn’t “know” that you have just washed off all of the good oils. Keep the skin clean, but not over stripped of oil.

#6: Use the right water temperature: DO NOT wash your face with hot water! The water temperature you use to cleanse your face can affect your skin negatively. You should never use hot water to cleanse your face. This can compromise your skin’s protective barrier, and compromise your delicate skin! It can also strip off oil from your face that is needed to maintain your skin looking hydrated and glowing. Hot water can trigger skin conditions such as rosacea, and can be harsh on sensitive skin! Use lukewarm water instead. We also don’t recommend washing your face directly in the shower. Remember your skin is very delicate!

#7: Double, cleansing method: Makeup needs to be emulsified with a makeup remover before you can clean your skin properly. A double cleansing method can ensure that you’re getting rid of the makeup properly, before cleansing the skin. Oil makeup removers or makeup removing balms, or even micellar water break down the makeup, that way when you cleanse your face, you can ensure that you have properly removed your makeup at the end of the day. Getting rid of old makeup can prevent breakouts, and clogged pores!

#8: Pat dry the skin: Dry with a soft towel. Pat dry your skin gently. It’s important to be very careful with your skin since you have very delicate skin on your face.

#9: Moisturize your face: After washing your face, moisturizing is very important. To maximize hydration, moisturizing after you wash your face, can help seal in more moisture, and hydrate your skin even more.

Types of Cleansers:

Gel Cleansers:

Gel cleansers are useful for deep cleansing of the pores. These are best for oily and combination skin, as they help remove excess oil, and deeply cleanse clogged pores, and kill bacteria that may cause acne. These should be avoided for those with sensitive or dry skin, as they can be over-drying.

Cream Cleansers:

Cream cleansers are heavier, and thicker in consistency, and tend to be more moisturizing. These are more gentle on the skin and are recommended for those with sensitive and dry skin. These may come as milk cleansers or cleansing lotions.

Foam cleansers:

These are a lightweight version of gel cleansers. They also remove excess oil and are great for oily and combination skin.

Oil cleansers:

Oil cleansers are great for all skin types. It’s a great way to remove makeup and break down debris. We recommend using an oil cleanser to remove makeup, prior to cleansing your face. Contrary to what people may think, oil cleansers will not make your face oily.

Micellar Water:

At some point, you’ve probably heard about micellar water. But is micellar water better than regular tap water? Micellar water has a more stable PH than tap water, however, it doesn’t replace cleansing your face with soap and water. Micellar water can be used in the mornings as a gentler cleanser, but we recommend that you wash your face in the evening with a cleanser and water.

Cleansing your face is something you should do every day, twice a day. Cleansing the skin helps remove debris and oil from your skin, prevents acne, and lets your skin absorb serums and your moisturizer better. It keeps your pores clean and your skin barrier healthy. It’s perhaps one of the most important steps in your skincare regimen (after SPF of course).

Learning how to clean your face properly is one of the keys to beautiful skin. Follow these #bellabeautytips for cleaning your skin and let your skin glow!

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