Gorgeous Eye Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Eye makeup for brown eyes can pop, sizzle and be utterly smashing. Think of all those brown-eyed beauties like Julia Roberts, Halle Berry or Sofia Vergara. Brown eyes, the most common color of eyes, can range from dark to honey. So before just applying any eye makeup tricks, determine the real color of your eyes.

Those “brown-eyed” beauties are lucky because they can wear just about any color eyeliner or eye shadow. It’s the tone of the color that makes the difference. One big trick is to make sure that the colors match your eyes. Are your eyes a cool shade of brown (dark chocolate) or a warm shade of brown (amber, honey)?

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

  • Determine the Tone of Brown in your Eyes. This is sometimes the hardest part. But the if the colors don’t look right on you, it is probably the wrong tone. You can wear any brown or any purple if it is the right tone. There are warm browns and cool browns. There are warm purples and cool purples. Choose the color that is best suited for the tone of your eye color.
  • Cool Toned Eyes.  Eyes are dark brown with hints of black
  • Warm Toned Eyes. Eyes are light brown to honey brown in color
  • No Baby Blue Eye Shadow. Cool brown could never get away with baby blue, but it really doesn’t look that hot on warm eyes either. Actually, we’re really not sure it looks great on any color eye.
  • Waterline Colors. Notice the difference in the waterline colors. You can line cool with a white, but white on warm eyes doesn’t look so great. It’s too harsh.
  • Metallic or Not?. Metallics work if they are in the flecks of your iris color. This works especially great for the honey-brown eyes with flecks of yellow or green.
  • Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes Color Chart. Below is a handy little chart with suggested colors for your eyes. Don’t be afraid to try another shade of mascara like blue or purple. Same with the eyeliners. Don’t get stuck on black.


Eye makeup for brown eyes should be fun, #bellaglam and smashing. Remember you have one of the most popular eye colors in the world. Bat them!  More suggestions?

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