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Long gone are the days of harsh chemicals, merciless exfoliants and snake oil salves. Today, the modern man strives for a more elegant way to keep a delectable dermis. But what’s the next big thing? What will new products, techniques and knowledge bring to the world of loving thyself and letting your epidermis show? We discuss trends in the future of skincare with some experts.

The CEO/creator of Bella Reina Spa, Nancy Reagan, feels the future of skincare is in the hands of science: “With the advent of fabulous peptides, stable vitamins, and stem cells, skin care is making strides to physically change the memory of a skin cell. [Before this], people just cleansed,exfoliated, and moisturized. Now, as estheticians, we can physically see a difference in the skin of clients. And it is not just in the treatment room — the home care is the most important part, because it is daily. The future of skincare is in prevention. People do not want to age; by using multi-use peptides that are powerful, along with antioxidants and vitamins, the skin will not thin or wrinkle [as much or as quickly].”

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