Four Tips for Healthier Nails

Healthier Nails In Four Steps

When it comes to keeping our nails healthy, many of us let the practice fall by the wayside. Whether you regularly get a manicure or not, your might still be at risk of being fragile and breakable on the bottom layers. There are simple, daily tasks you can do to prevent your nails from yielding to the weak layers below. The following five tips for healthier nails will help ensure your health, as well as the safety of your wardrobe.

Keep a File Handy

Rugged tips on your nails can be a recipe for disaster. From snagging your leggings to catching on your hair, jagged-tipped nails are incredibly annoying and can be quite hazardous. Any quick movement could mean the end of your fingernail. To avoid this whole debacle, be sure to keep a nail file close at hand to ensure you can keep healthier nails. We like to keep ours in a purse, so no matter where we are, we always have a quick fix when disaster strikes.

Be Careful with Water

Throughout the day we find ourselves frequently coming into contact with water. Water is necessary in keeping your nails clean, yet despite their hard exterior, they are incredibly absorbent. Allowing your fingernails to remain in contact with water for too long will soften your nails, and make them much easier to bend and break. For healthier nails, we recommend allowing your fingernails to dry well before using them for any purpose.


Keeping our nails healthier goes deeper than just your skin. What you put into your body has a stunning effect on your external appearance, and this does include your nails. We find that using certain supplements and vitamins has an immense effect on making your fingernails healthier. A great favorite is Biotin, which helps keep your nails from growing brittle, and as a bonus aids in healthier hair. In addition, applying Vitamin E topically is shown to reduce dryness and cracking, as well as fighting yellowing of the nails.

Massage your Nails

The cuticle powers the fingernail, and thus requires a nourishing blood flow to function properly. Oftentimes, by massaging the nail you create an even blood flow to the cuticle, aiding your quest for healthier nails. This massage of sorts helps increase movement and ultimately helps advance your nail growth and beauty.

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