Exercise For Health or Vanity? Exercise At All?

Should you exercise for health or vanity or at all?  For some, exercise is not a daily option with the excuses that everyone knows so well. Not enough time, not enough days, too many things to do and the list goes on for ever. We here at Bella Reina believe that you should exercise first for your health and then if you start getting a little vain, then let the mirror be the judge.

Here are the major reasons why we believe that your health is priority. As people age, especially women, you will hear about people falling or tripping and breaking a hip or something else. We used to have a 90 year old client that could climb up into the pedicure station like it was nothing. Why? She exercised 3-4 times a day doing pilates.  She strengthened the small muscles in her body which allowed her to move quickly and fluidly.

Why do some people fall and recover fast, while others can’t recover?

Exercise for Health or Vanity?

The main reason for exercise should be your Health because you need Balance and Core Strength.  Fitness expert Bill Dorton recommends a combination of both to avoid and recover from falls.  Balance exercises help the body right itself when knocked off course. So if you stand on one leg and try to just bend one leg up and hold it, how long can you stand on one leg?  This wobble effect that you see when people get older is the lack of muscle strength.  For example, do you need assistance getting up from a chair or can you rise without assistance?  This simple task should be easy, but if you don’t move and exercise, your muscles will not react when you need them the most. So, what are you to do when you really hate exercise?  Start with a couple of really simple exercises that get your body moving.  Consistency is the key to having your body respond quickly to sudden movements or falls.

One exercise is to use a medicine ball, not only because it’s fun, but because it gives you a little weight.

3 Exercises you can do at Home with a Medicine Ball.

  1. Hold the medicine ball in the center of your body and stand on one leg.  Start with 1 minute and work up to 5 minutes for each leg.
  2. Hold the medicine ball and try to get up out of a chair.  If you cannot do this at first, start with just getting up from a chair without assistance at all.  Do this 10 times and work up to adding the medicine ball.
  3. Walk around the block at least once.  Increase to a mile and then you will start really enjoying your walks.

Both of these simple exercises will get you balance and core strength, so you will be exercising for health.  Be #bellafit today!

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