Do Essential Oil Blends Really Work?

Essential oil blends have been around since the beginning of aromatherapy. In different countries, blends are looked at for solving problems even before traditional medicine. On a recent trip to Peru at the market in Cusco, there was a woman who sold blends. She had studied the oils from her grandmother, who had been taught by her mother. The blend recipes were handed down from generation to generation to solve problems.

Sometimes when we think of aromatherapy, we think that by just using an oil – that is aromatherapy. But, Essential oil blends have powerful properties, which may work wonders, especially in providing relief for real problems such as cramps, memory, or depression. How does this happen?

Essential Oil Blends – Solution to Real Problems:

When using therapeutic blends, you can expect a result from the oil. It can decrease anxiety, rest your mind, loosen up very tight muscles, and provide many benefits that may result in an overall healthy body and soul. While a massage is already good in itself, the use of oil blends can make it therapeutic.

Essential oil blends come from plants and herbs, which grow in exotic places. They are typically highly concentrated. They go through a very intricate process of distillation in order to produce quantities that are both concentrated and potent. For practical use, these concentrated drops of potent oils are also diluted in order to make it possible to be absorbed deep into the skin.

How does the treatment happen? Why can we say that the use of essential oil blends can work wonders in providing a solution to problems such as cramps or depression? Well, it all starts with the nose. As soon as the nose detects the pleasurable aroma of these oil blends, it then gives a signal to the rest of the other body parts to function like the way they normally do.

This is why essential oil blends are often used for massage and aromatherapy. The oil is applied directly to the body, to ease tensions in the muscles, thus relieving cramps. At the same time, it relaxes the body, even problems such as depression are also be reduced.

The Best Options:

When it comes to choosing essential oil blends products, you may see a lot of products in the market these days. However, when searching for products that are readily available and can be used at home, the products of Bella Reina, such as the Depression Relief Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend, and the Cramp Relief Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil are proven very effective. When it comes to that monthly PMS, the Cramp Relief Blend has become very popular.

These products are used topically with a diffuser. For inhaling use an aromatherapy oil burner. Since the essential oil blends are therapeutic, you can expect results.

Three factors go into blending essential oils into essential blends, including

  • the chemistry of the oil,
  • the therapeutic results and
  • the order in which the oils are blended.

Oil is nature’s gift to humanity. Oil consists of roots, barks, and flowers; in fact, some plants have parts that manufacture these oils. When one thinks of oil, edible oil is the first one in mind. Right from our cooking to salad dressings, oil is important. But, have you thought oil is more than just dressing for food. Oils if blended into essential oil blends can be useful in many ways.

Essential Oil Blends are Good For Your Skin and Your Health:

If properly blended, pure essential oils can be very good for the skin and your health. Mixing or blending oils is an art in itself and partial science. The three factors that go in blending oils together are:

  • Chemistry of oil (To determine volatility, viscosity, and its properties
  • Desired therapeutic use (To get a synergistic effect, to blend correctly is essential)
  • The sequence of oil (The order in which the oil blends can also be a factor).

Some of the benefits that you get from using relaxing essential oil blends are:


  • Lavender essential oil (anti-anxiety)
  • Bergamot essential oil (relaxing)
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil (sedative)
  • Neroli essential oil (anti-depressant)
  • Jasmine essential oil (sedative)
  • Lemon essential oil (tonic)

More Benefits:

  • Melissa essential oil (balancing, induces confidence)
  • Petitgrain essential oil (nerve tonic)
  • Mandarin essential oil (calming)
  • Palmarosa essential oil (calming to the mind)


  • Patchouli essential oil (helps with stress-related issues)
  • Sandalwood essential oil (sedative) 
  • Geranium essential oil (balancing)

So what are blending oils? Blending oils together does not mean just blend any two oils together. Because it is important to take pure essential oil blends to get the desired effect. Blended essential oils have many usages just like a body massage does to relieve soreness, cramps, and fatigue. Today’s lifestyle is very hectic and by the end of the day, anyone would love to relax. Using these essential oil blends for relaxation is a very good way to relax.

There are many ways to use aromatherapy, especially relaxing essential oil blends. Healers from all traditions are using therapeutic essential oil blends to heal. Most aromatherapy in use today is simply as a nice “smell” or “aroma”. Sometimes we forget the power of essential oils. The fact that they are therapeutic means that they are actually providing a benefit or result.

Three Ways to Use Aromatherapy with Essential Oil Blends

Do Essential Oils Really Work


  •  Diffusers: The intake of relaxing essential oil blends through the nose is the easiest and most pleasant way to use them.  Turn on a diffusing device, which disperses essential oil blends into the air, and breathe! This application method is the simplest, easiest way to introduce you to the world of aromatherapy. You can also use an oil warmer diffuser, an aromatherapy candle, or a room aromatic mist to scent the room or an area, as well as an atomizing diffuser. The diffuser vaporizes and disperses the oils using 5-6 drops of oil mixed with water. The heat from the electricity warms the oils and disperses them into the air.


  • Massage: Relaxing essential oil blends are particularly beneficial in a massage. The essential oil blends are combined with a carrier oil or cream and are completely absorbed into the skin in 60 to 120 minutes. The prolonged effect of the blend action makes the effects of the massage last longer. Another way of applying the benefits of aromatherapy to the body is through an aromatic body wrap.

Aromatherapy Baths

  • Aromatherapy Baths: Everyone loves taking showers these days, but a bath with essential oils has a synergistic effect.  There is the physiological action of the oils on the nervous system and the body. Aromatic baths are generally very safe provided that the essential oils are properly blended into the water. The recommended dose for a full bath is 10-15 drops of essential oils. The maximum dose is 30 drops per bath.

What is the difference between aromatherapy oils and therapeutic grade essential oils?

We use all kinds of oils and creams at Bella Reina Spa.  Both for massaging and other purposes. All of these oils have therapeutic benefits, which is why they are considered “therapeutic grade essential oils”.

Real high-quality distilled oils always cost more.  Holistic aromatherapy means healing holistically. Rejuvenating the body and mind with the help of fragrance or scent. The smell is so divine that you will remember it forever. It is a treatment that involves the use of psychological and physiological benefits of the essence of the herbs. It helps in managing a lot of illnesses. So, if you are suffering from arthritis, cancer, stress, obesity, or dementia, you can easily check out the aromatherapy option for yourself. Beware of heavenly smelling adulterated oils which contain synthetic fragrances.

The Difference Between Aromatherapy Oils and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Therapeutic quality essential oils will help in taking you on a sensory journey. A journey that will soothe and also balance your body and mind. You will feel enlivened after using these oils. These oils are quite different from pure aromatherapy oils. They will help in healing you emotionally as well as physically. So, what do you mean by therapeutic grade essential oil? Factors that make up therapeutic grade essential oils include environmental considerations.  Harvesting, distillation, and bottling are additional factors. So, if the quality of crops is good then the oil quality too would be good and the price might be a little high. Another difference between aromatherapy oils and the therapeutic grade.

Therapeutic quality essential oils like Thyme, Rosemary, or Basil have several kinds of chemotypes or chemical constituents. Chemotypes are chemical components derived from plants. It has therapeutic effects because of the varied chemical components present in them. And, they are present in plants that are wild as well as cultivated. These oils are the plant’s volatile liquids. These are obtained by the distillation of seeds, bark, roots, leaves, stems, fruits, or flowers. And, these will help you in easing out your aches, injuries, and pains. It will also help you in relieving your depression and will act on the nervous system. One example of an essential oil blend that provides a physical result is the Stress Relief Aromatherapy Body Spray by Bella Reina. The blend of oils completely relaxes the nervous system to relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, nervousness, and irritability.

How to Handle Essential Oils?

Because essential oils are highly concentrated, they should be handled with care. Do not take it internally and keep it out of the reach of children. Do not apply undiluted oils to the skin and always test a diluted oil (dilute with jojoba, grapeseed, or sesame oil) on your skin before using it to determine allergic reactions. Citrus oils can make the skin more sensitive to light.  Persons with high blood pressure or epilepsy should use oils carefully and as always, essential oils should be used with extreme caution during pregnancy.

Why Get Essential Oils?

Recently, these relaxing essential oil blends have become part of the services available at beauty salons for different treatments, like aromatherapy. Some of these blended oils have a different fragrance from mild to strong. Getting a moment of relaxation is heaven in disguise. To get a free mind, there are many therapies like aromatherapy available at the spas. To get that relaxed moment, your massage expert applies essential oil blends for relaxation.

Getting a massage not only rejuvenates your body but your mind, as well. But, going to spas or beauty salons can be very expensive for many. Hence; the popularity of these pure essential oil blends has become so popular that they are just a click away.

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