Develop a Strong Mind and Some Confidence with Yoga Tips

Strong mind and some confidence at Bella Reina Spa

Not to say women have different esteem issues than men, but we do. How do we develop a strong mind and some confidence? Strong-mindedness is not stubborn or willful. A strong mind has a set of beliefs, which give you integrity and a complete sense of confidence. Can you always feel confidant?  Maybe not always, but a strong mind with a strong body will give you self-esteem and posture to overcome most obstacles. Working out the body with just about any exercise will increase your confidence, but yoga seems to create such a mind-body connection that it’s easier to achieve with yoga.

Develop a Strong Mind and Some Confidence with Yoga Tips

  • Breathe. Breathing during your yoga sessions is extremely important because it allows you to expel anger. That’s not actually true, but I think that it is a fun way to look at it.  If you breath in deeply and hold your breathe for 5 seconds and expel; think of the breathing out as getting rid of all the old thoughts that creep into our heads. Breathing allows you to not only perfect your yoga poses, but to release the everyday tensions. The stress and tension of our day-to-day lives can be released with just a few breaths.
  • Relax. One of the keys to yoga is meditation and relaxation. This is probably the most important aspect of yoga in developing a strong mind. When your mind is relaxed and you begin to think about life or not. You also start to think about you (not other people).  Having a strong mind and just a little confidence is about believing in you and your choices. When we look in the mirror, sometimes the things we say to ourselves are not very nice. Having some quiet time to say really good things to yourself can give you confidence because you have faith and belief in yourself. Faith in yourself gives you confidence.

Practicing yoga gives you a great sense of yourself, your body and your mind. Believing in you and being strong gives you confidence. With confidence not only are you #bellastrong, but you can succeed at anything.

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