Dermaplaning facial treatments give you an ultra-smooth look removing unwanted peach fuzz and facial hair at the same time.

It is popular as nothing can compare when you apply your makeup after the skin has been treated. Not to be confused with dermabrasion, dermaplaning is a systematic exfoliation process that is simple and safe.

This radiant, superstar celebrity treatment uses a very fine blade to exfoliate, removing the top layer of skin as well as the hair.

What is Dermaplaning?

It is the shaving of the skin with an ultra-thin blade and feather-like strokes that exfoliate, removing dead skin cells and unwanted facial hair. There is better absorption of serums and vitamins after a treatment.

One of the main reasons celebrities and television stars love this treatment is that makeup will go on very smoothly. The procedure is approximately 60 minutes.

Although very little scientific data exists regarding dermaplaning, the actual process of exfoliation is well documented for keeping the skin in tip-top shape. Removal of excess dead skin buildup will allow the skin to be healthier and glowing.

Who Is a Dermaplaning Facial Good For?

Skin Types: It is excellent for clients with rough skin, dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and very mild acne scarring. It will also lighten pigmentation if it is surface pigmentation only.

Who is it Good For?

  • Great for someone who wants the skin to glow and look radiant.
  • Great for all skin types, except cystic acne and those with raised skin tags or moles.
  • Good for clients who are pregnant or nursing who want to exfoliate, but don’t want to risk a chemical peel for the possible contraindications.
  • Great for clients who have excess peach fuzz and want makeup to go on smoothly.
  • Clients who get an excess of dirt and oil from the hair that cause clogged pores. Removing the hair will help the bacteria and sebum on the skin.

What Can You Expect?

There is no downtime, and you must use sunscreen after the treatment, preferably daily. Treatments can be every two-four weeks.

What is the price range for Dermaplaning Facial?

Dermaplaning costs range from $99 – $300 depending on the actual treatment and what it entails.

On the lower end of the spectrum, you may get cleansed, alcohol prepped and then dermaplaned. The skin is not re-nourished nor prepped for maximum absorption of serums.

The upper spectrum will have additional treatments to the actual dermaplaning like LED light panels, specialty growth factor serums, and masks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dermaplaning

  1. Will my hair grow back thicker? It is a myth that your hair will grow back thicker. Your hair will grow back at the same rate. What happens is that you notice the hair growth, even though it is vellus hair.
  2. Are there any side effects? The only side effects of dermaplaning happen when you go out in the sun or engage in physical activity after treatment. Especially if the dermaplaning has been combined with a lactic or TCA peel. The skin may feel sensitive for a couple of days. It’s best to keep it hydrated with serums. The best serums that we know of help to replace the lost lipids of the skin.
  3. Will makeup go on smoothly? Makeup goes on beautifully after dermaplaning. The primary reason is that the small hairs don’t interfere with the application of the foundations or powders.

Only at Bella Reina:

Many places provide dermaplaning treatment that is just the procedure and does not include extractions, and an enzyme peel. We feel very strongly that the skin must be nourished after exfoliation.

Thus, even our basic Gold dermaplane facial includes peptides, enzymes, and hyaluronic acid plus a 24k Gold Collagen Mask. Without those basics, the surface layers of the skin can experience dryness and pH disruption. Additionally, we include extractions with our dermaplaning.

One of the favorite products used after a dermplaning facial is the Flawless Drop serum. It contains lipids that help to re-nourish and keep the skin hydrated.

Steps for a Dermplane Oxi-Glow Facial at Bella Reina:

Step 1: Double Cleanse

The cleanser is massaged into the face to remove makeup, dirt, and toxins. At Bella, we repeat the process to ensure that the face is oil and toxin-free.  Cleansers are customized to your skin, to delay skin aging and not be overly drying.  

Step 2: Toner

Our specialty cucumber toner is misted over the face to pH balance the skin following cleansing.

Step 3: Enzyme Peel and Extractions

Dermaplaning works best if you are working on exfoliated skin. A customized enzyme peel is selected for your skin to prepare the skin for dermaplaning. Minor extractions are removed prior to the treatment.

Step 4: Dermplane

Next, the peach fuzz and dead skin cells are removed for deep exfoliation of your skin. It’s pain-free and some clients actually fall asleep. You will feel a light scrape as the dead skin cells are exfoliated while also removing the peach fuzz. 

Step 5: Bella Magic

A specialty oxygen ampoule soothes, moisturizes the skin and activates the skin’s function to make enough oxygen. It is then absorbed into the skin.  Next, the O2 Bubble  Mask rich in lemon, arbutin, and hyaluronic acid is applied to improve skin texture, tone, and complexion. 

Step 6: The Oxi-Glow Finish

The remainder of the oxygen ampoule is massaged into the skin. The skin loves this as the removal of dead skin from the dermaplaning allows deeper moisturizing penetration. The skin will glow from this treatment that helps delay aging and boosts collagen.

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