Benefits of Dermaplane Facial

The dermaplane facial has become one of our favorite facials. Both to receive and to give. The inexplicable glow from this facial cannot be matched by any other skin treatment. The benefits are numerous, but first, we want to focus on what it is.

What is a Dermaplane Facial?

This facial is an exfoliation that uses a surgical scalpel, at a 45-degree angle to very gently lift off the upper layers of dead skin to reveal a beautiful, smoother complexion. “We have 3 types of skin layers, but within all those dead skin cell layers there are over 23 layers,” says Master Esthetician, Laurel Hemmer.

Dermaplaning removes dead skin and facial hair and the results depend on several factors. The dryness of the skin and the sharpness of the blade will determine the best results. The better results come with less aggressive surface exfoliation.

Because the face is so smooth and without the “peach fuzz”, products will penetrate better and makeup goes on simply beautifully. Dermaplaning is not only recommended on a regular 3-4 week basis, but but it can also help prepare the skin for plastic surgery.

What Kind of Skin is Good For A Dermaplane Facial?

This type of facial is fabulous for all skin types and conditions except cystic acne. Some examples of skin types and conditions that can benefit from this skin treatment include:

  • Dry Skin
  • Dehydrated Skin
  • Rosacea Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Pregnant or Nursing Mothers (no harsh chemicals)
  • Oily Skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Mild Acne (works extremely well with acne, because of the removal of hair & oil)

What Are the Steps of a Dermaplane Facial?

The entire dermaplaning facial takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. But the beauty is the fact that there is no downtime and the skin is glowing when clients leave the spa.

  • Step 1 – Cleanse the face with a degreasing cleanser
  • Step 2 – Use a degreaser on the skin to dry the skin
  • Step 3 – Dry the Skin
  • Step 4 – Pull areas very taut and remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells
  • Step 5 – Apply specialty serums (like stem cells or hyaluronic)
  • Step 6 – Extra Step for Even Better Results: Use a specialty mask, like collagen and penetrate with microcurrent or ultrasound
  • Step 7 – Apply SPF30 or higher to protect from the sun

Home Care Regimen: It is recommended to hydrate the new “baby soft” skin immediately. One of our favorites that clients love is the Flawless Drops because the new skin needs nourishment and hydration. The Flawless Drops add hydration to the skin, through the use of ceramides.

What are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

Even Skin Tone and Texture: This facial helps to even out your complexion. In some cases, the surface discoloration and pigmentation can be removed. The outcome of this is dependent on how deep the pigmentation goes below the surface of the skin. The glow and radiant skin from this facial show after one treatment.

Say goodbye to peach fuzz and facial hair: Instead of waxing, which can sometimes irritate hair follicles and cause breakouts, try dermaplaning for hair removal.

The hair will not grow back thicker or darker. The smooth skin helps makeup go on like a professional.

Dermaplaning reduces fine lines and wrinkles: The actual skin that is damaged by creating a wrinkle is removed during the treatment. Then the new skin is treated with vitamins and peptides to nourish the new skin.

You leave the spa looking fabulous. It’s necessary to use sunscreen and hydrate with serums, but your skin is runway and gala ready.

Because you are consistently removing dead skin cells, the results of one dermaplane facial can last up to 3 months. For best results, having a treatment every 3-4 weeks is recommended, especially for dry skin or those with mild acne.

What Type of Training is Required for a Dermaplane Facial Technician?

This facial should be provided by a licensed esthetician who has been certified. Not only is the esthetician licensed in the state of Florida, but the technician should have a special course in dermaplaning. This course explains the special techniques, how to hold the blade, stretch the skin, and exfoliate the correct number of skin layers.

At Bella Reina, all technicians have been certified in the State of Florida not only as estheticians but also in the dermaplaning specialty.

For a dermaplane facial reservation, please call 561-404-7670.

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