Comedy and Side-Splitting Laughs at Bella Reina Spa


Bella Reina Spa

When you work in the beauty field at Bella Reina Spa, you never know what could happen. The stories are often unbelievable. My husband will simply shake his head. The “Bella” team just takes it in stride, but some considerable head shaking may occur.

Fire Engine Red Eyebrows

Recently a woman called and wanted her eyebrows dyed fire engine red. Explaining that we have brown, middle brown, black, and auburn as vegetable dye choices did not faze her. She insisted that we must have fire engine red. After considerable convincing, we assure her that it was not part of our eyebrow tinting repertoire. Can you just imagine red, red eyebrows?

No Eyebrows

Another time, a woman who has no eyebrows, comes in for a complete brow makeover. She wanted them dyed, waxed and professionally shaped. This is one of our specialties at Bella Reina Spa, so we love our brows. But when you have plucked them to death, it is extremely hard to re-create them.

Clogged Nose Not

Yes, sometimes the nose does have a lot of blackheads, but then we get the clients that insist that their nose has blackheads. We could argue with them, but then they are still right. Sit back, grab the gauze, and squeeze the nose.  It’s our only option.

Three Eyelashes

The lady literally had 3 eyelashes on one eye and she wanted them dyed. Now who are we to say, you might be wasting your money? But she insisted on having them dyed. Afterwards, she was so happy and gave us an incredible review on Facebook.

You Forgot To Lotion My 2nd Hand

Two weeks ago, one of our clients with dementia, got extremely upset. So upset, in fact, that she got up and walked out in the middle of the manicure. Horrified, the nail tech who is so good that she is always booked solid, questioned why. The very proper lady miffed her nose and replied, ” You didn’t lotion my 2nd hand”. Dumbfounded everyone in the spa, clients included, started laughing. The amazing thing was the following week she showed up for her appointment with smiles.

All of these stories keep us smiling at Bella Reina Spa, because this is real. It’s why we love the beauty business and why we love our clients.

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