Can the 5 Minute Makeup Woman Apply Wings?

If you are the 5-minute makeup woman, can you create a winged eyeliner on the fly? Most of us have a very limited time to apply makeup. Winged eyeliner can make a bold statement, but it can involve just a little more work than just a simple line on your upper lid.

Busy women mean work, children, housework, and errands, but you still want to look great. So how can we create amazing looks without taking a lot of time that we do not have?

How the 5-Minute Makeup Woman Applies Winged Eyeliner

The winged eye look is actually quite easy, once you get the hang of it. You can use your choice of liners, whether it’s a pencil, a liquid liner, a gel or cream liner, or even a shadow.

  • Use the Right Makeup Product-The quickest and easiest way to do a winged eye is using a waterproof eyeliner. It’s easily maneuverable, is portable for touch-ups on the go, and does not require any drying time. When you are applying 5-minute makeup, you need products that can be easily applied with no drying time.
  • How to Apply in 1 Minute – The first step is to take your ring finger and gently pull your eye taut by the outer corner. Your ring finger doesn’t put as much pressure on your eye (this is also the finger to use when applying eye cream and concealer). Line your eye from the inside corner out, wiggling as you go so you deposit color between your lashes. Don’t worry if it isn’t overly neat, as you will go over it again.
  • How to Make it Fly –  Using the outer tip of your eyebrow as a guide, draw a line from the outer corner of your eye at a forty-five-degree angle and toward the end of your eyebrow. This ensures you keep to the natural contours of your eye. A shorter line keeps the look subtle, while a long line gives a more dramatic look.
  • Fill in the Wing – Next, keeping your eye taut, draw a straight line from the tip of the wing to about the middle of your upper lash line. Fill in the wing so there is no gap between the wing and the outer corner of your eye. Using short strokes, go over the entire lash line, keeping it thinner at the inside corners and thickening slightly as you move out, being sure to deposit color between the lashes.

Helpful & Different

  • Helpful Wing Tip Guides  – If you’re unsure about the placement of the wing, you can use a piece of tape or a credit card edge as a guide. This also ensures that your wingtip has a straight edge. If you have a hooded eyelid, draw the line less upward and more outward to avoid accentuating the hood. A more outward line will open your eye up, making them appear larger and brighter.
  • Different Products for Different Wings – For 5-minute makeup, there are many choices of liners. A liquid liner, whether brush or felt tip, will give a much bolder look.  A shadow, used with a stiff angled brush will have a more subtle appearance. A gel or cream will also give a bold look. However, they may not be as easy to work with if you’re not used to working with liners. A felt-tip liquid liner is probably the best way to go. They give you more control over how much color is deposited.  They are not slick, which can lead to mistakes. In addition, there are only 2 seconds of drying time involved.

Applying 5-minute makeup winged eyeliner is definitely a fast routine, but #bellaglam girls can perfect this in seconds.

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