4 (not 3) Awesome Beauty Treatments for the Season

4 not 3 Awesome Beauty Treatments for the Season

The latest in Beauty Treatments is the perfect way to get your skin and brows holiday-ready. Check out our 4 (not 3) Must-Have awesome skin and makeup treatments.

Spa Your Way Into The Holidays with our Holiday Bella Grande Facial 

Be the “it” girl of the holidays with the NEW BiodrogaMD facial that takes just a okay skin and turns into WOW.  It hydrates, lifts and firms the skin like no other. Using a combination of specialty oils like apricot and macadamia, the powers of bioactive moisture complexes stimulate the fibroblast to produce collagen in the skin. Combined with the ultrasonic microdermabrasion and ultrasound (10,000 times skin penetration) this puts our Biograda MD on steroids for a results facial and one of our most coveted beauty treatments. In “girl” terms, this is one power facial for holiday party-ready skin.

Talk of the Party Brows: 10% off Eyebrow Pencil or Eyebrow Mascara with Wow Brow, Professional Brow or Brow Clean Up

Brows have to be super fabulous. Enough said. But to make them complete, check out our Instagram loved, People Stylewatched loved Eyebrow Pencil. It’s available in 5 shades and helps you create perfect eyebrows that don’t look fake or drawn on.  And to celebrate this holiday, it is 10% off an eyebrow pencil just for you with any of our brow services (something we are known for).

Love Your Skin Holiday Beauty: Dermaplane Facial with Collagen Mask (50% off Collagen Face Mask)

The new darling of our etsy’s (short for estheticians) is the Dermaplane Facial. It is one of our beauty treatments that will keep your skin glowing for a month. Between dermaplaning and  micro needling, it is a toss up for “best non-surgical skin treatment”.

Pre-Holiday Skincare & Makeup Day! November 17th: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM- 15% off all makeup.

You are cordially invited to schedule a 30 minute holiday makeover. Get all the tips, and beauty secrets in our boutique spa without going to the mall or sitting under florescent lights. We have it all, it’s vegan, cruelty free and glam.

There is $25 reservation fee to be applied to any makeup or skin care purchases when you spend over $100. Reservations can be made by calling the spa at 561.404.7670 for any of our awesome holiday beauty treatments.

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