Are you using the right cleanser for your skin type? It’s not you, it’s your cleanser!

Breaking out? Struggling with oily skin? Struggling with dry skin? It might not be you, it might be your cleanser! You may be using the wrong cleanser for your skin type. But how do you know if you are using the right cleanser for your skin type?

To answer all of your cleanser-related questions, we sat down with Bella Reina Spa Owner, Licensed Esthetician, and New York Times Skincare Coach Nancy Reagan, and talked all things cleanser and skincare related at the Bella Reina Beauty Chat & Learn Event.


Why should I cleanse my skin?

It’s important to cleanse your skin to remove oil, debris, and impurities from the skin. This will prevent clogged pores and breakouts. Whether using a mild cleanser in the morning or your favorite cleanser at night, it’s very important to cleanse your skin to keep your skin looking and feeling clean, and it’s an essential part of skin health.

How do I know my skin type?

Nancy recommends moving your index finger from the back of your cheeks all the way to your nose. If your skin starts getting greasy or oily in your cheeks, and you have larger pores, you have oily skin. If your skin starts feeling oily further in the middle of your cheeks, you have normal or combination skin. If your skin only feels oily towards your nose, and you have small pores, you have dry skin. Another way to make sure you know what type of skin you have, you can schedule a consultation with our licensed estheticians. This will help you make sure you are buying the right cleanser for your skin type!

What type of cleanser should I use for my skin type?

Knowing your skin type is super important when choosing a cleanser. Is there anything worse than buying a new cleanser you’re super excited about, but when you use it, it irritates your sensitive skin? Or it makes your already dry skin super flaky? Just terrible! Your cleanser is probably the second most important part of your skincare routine (after SPF of course), but for it to work properly and help you reach your skincare regimen goals, it’s important to know what cleanser is right for you!

For sensitive skin, or dry skin we always recommend using a gentle cleanser. This can be cleansing milk or a cleanser with mild ingredients. Biodroga has some great options for sensitive skin. For dry skin, it’s important to find something that will help your skin retain moisture, and that will cleanse your skin without stripping the oil from your skin. Otherwise, you’ll end up with dry patches and flaky skin. Those with oily skin can use a foaming or gel cleanser. This will cleanse your skin and keep oil production in check. For acne-prone skin, you want something that’s not going to irritate your skin, or over strip the skin, yet you want to clean your pores!

*Pro-tip: If your face feels “tight” after cleansing, you’re using the wrong cleanser!

What cleansers do estheticians recommend?

Skin Script Glycolic Acid Cleanser:

The Skin Script Glycolic cleanser is amazing for break out prone skin, or for those with sun damage and acne scarring. The hydroxy acids work to remove the layer of dead skin cells, for a mild exfoliation, leaving your skin radiant. It also has antiaging properties, so it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s an absolute spa favorite! Even though this is a gel-based cleanser, which is usually recommended for those with oily skin, it’s gentle enough to be used by those with sensitive skin, or rosacea.

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Skin Script Green Tea Cleanser:

Another esthetician favorite! Skin Script makes some great cleansers that can be used by any skin type, and it’s budget-friendly, making it a huge plus! The Green Tea cleanser is an effective cleanser. It removes excess oil, deeply cleanses the skin but also nourishes the skin. It soothes the skin, while also preventing breakouts. The great part is that it calms irritation and reduces inflammation. It’s a foamy cleanser, that can also be used to remove makeup. In other words, if there’s such a thing as a perfect cleanser, it’s probably this one. You can kiss irritated skin goodbye!

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Biodroga Milky Cleanser:

Biodroga is a great brand for those with sensitive and/or dry skin. The Milky Cleanser is a hydrating cleanser that’s designed for those with normal, dry, or sensitive skin and mature skin. It gently removes impurities and leaves your face feeling soft and moisturized. It can also be used as the first cleanser in your double cleansing nighttime skin care routine to break down, and remove makeup. This is a great cleanser for those with premature aging, dry skin. It’s super nourishing and restores skin health.

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Biodroga Cleansing Oil:

Another great, gentle cleanser by Biodroga. The Cleansing Oil is perfect for those with sensitive, dry, and rosacea skin. It’s super gentle on the skin, and it’s also a great makeup remover! It fights off dryness and redness. Your skin will feel super soft and refreshed. The great thing about this product is that it emulsifies into a creamy cleanser, which makes it easier to remove than your regular oil-based cleanser. This is great for dry skin types!

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Environ Skin AVST Cleansing Gel:

Environ is one of the best skincare brands in the world. Its innovative formula that contains Vitamin A (which has antiaging properties), makes Environ stand out from other skincare brands. The AVST Cleansing Gel is fabulous! It has a creamy cleansing lotion, that’s super gentle on the skin. It cleans away impurities, while adding moisture back to the skin. It can also act as a makeup remover and can be used by all skin types. Over time, this cleanser also helps improve the skin’s texture, and it will leave your skin glowing. Highly recommend it!

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Bella Reina Super Organic Cleanser:

The Bella Reina Super Organic Cleanser is great for those with normal, combination, oily, and acne-prone skin. It thoroughly cleanses, while protecting the skin’s barrier. It also contains beta hydroxy acids, so it gently exfoliates while deeply cleansing the pores. It’s great to remove any toxins and impurities, and this cleanser also unclogs pores and removes sebum. It also has a super clean formula, it’s cruelty-free, and contains natural ingredients to boost your skin’s glow.

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Should I use tools to cleanse my skin?

While tools such as brushes seem to be better at cleansing your skin, these aren’t recommended. The reason being that you can actually be moving dirt from one place in your skin to another, which seems to defeat the purpose. If using your hands, it’s important to clean your hands thoroughly before. Nancy recommends using a cleansing cloth, such as the Makeup Eraser to cleanse your skin. This will provide mild exfoliation and will be more effective at cleaning your skin.

When should I use a cleanser?

You should be cleansing your skin twice a day. In the morning, you want to remove any excess oil and get your skin clean and ready for the day ahead. At night, it’s important to cleanse your skin to remove sunscreen, makeup, and any other dirt, impurities, sweat, and excess oil that’s sitting on your skin before sleeping. When you sleep, your skin regenerates. That’s why it’s so important to also cleanse your skin at night.

*Very important tip: NEVER use hot water to cleanse your skin. Avoid cleansing your face in the shower. The hot water can damage the protective skin barrier, and do more damage than good. We recommend using lukewarm water to avoid skin irritation and keep the skin’s protective barrier healthy.

Should I remove my makeup before using a cleanser? Should I double cleanse?

You should absolutely remove your makeup before using a cleanser. Just using a cleanser won’t be enough to break down the makeup. We are huge supporters of the double cleansing method! But what exactly is the double cleansing method? The double cleansing method, as the name suggests is when you cleanse your skin twice. The first cleanse is with something that will remove your makeup and sunscreen. For example, cleansing oils, micellar water, cleansing balms, or cleansing milk will help break down makeup (and sunscreen). Follow up with your favorite cleanser! This will make sure that you don’t have clogged pores or breakouts, and that your skin will be clean so that it can absorb your serums, oils, and moisturizers. Your skin will be healthier and glowing, and you will be taking full advantage of the skincare products you have invested in.

Need help? Our estheticians are more than happy to schedule a consultation with you if you need help finding the right cleanser for your skin type! We can have consultations at the spa or over Zoom! Call us to schedule! 

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