Ageless Skincare Hacks That Actually Work: Separating Fact from Fiction

Are you tired of scrolling through endless TikTok skincare hacks, only to be left wondering if they actually work? From DIY sheet masks to chemical exfoliators, the internet is buzzing with ageless skincare advice. In this blog post, we’ll debunk common skincare myths and validate some ageless skincare hacks that truly deliver. Buckle up for a roller-coaster ride through the skincare landscape, and learn how to optimize your beauty regimen for effective, safe, and sustainable results.

HACK: DIY Sheet Masks



The surge in popularity of DIY sheet masks has seen many of us soaking cotton pads or compressed facial tissue in natural ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera, or rosewater. The aim is to offer an affordable at-home alternative to commercial sheet masks. However, does this skincare hack truly work? The reality is, it falls short. 

Although a fun and cost-effective activity, these DIY masks fail to deliver ingredients into the dermis layer or even the epidermis layer of our skin. Commercial masks, on the other hand, are designed with a key ingredient—bio-cellulose, which effectively extricates concentrated molecules into the skin. 

Originally used for burns and sensitive skin, bio-cellulose is a natural fiber that is 1000 times thinner than human hair. It’s also eco-friendly, biodegradable, and possesses unique properties, such as being extremely hydrophilic and having an impressive fluid-holding capacity of up to 100 times its dry weight. It’s sterile, toxin-free, and extraordinarily pure. 

Considering the limitations of DIY skincare masks, it’s crucial to find a product that delivers results. One such example is the Bella Reina Power Mask, which is known for its exceptional absorption. With potent ingredients like Niacinamide, Beta-Glucan, and Peptides, this mask offers a powerful boost to your skincare routine, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated after just 10-15 minutes of use.

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HACK: Petroleum Jelly as a Beauty Balm


​​The age-old skincare hack of turning to petroleum jelly as a beauty balm might not be as beneficial as you’ve been led to believe!

Sure, it’s common to see petroleum jelly championed for removing eye makeup, locking in skin moisture, nursing chapped lips back to health, and even grooming eyebrows. But here’s the kicker: petroleum jelly doesn’t actually add moisture to your skin. It merely seals in existing moisture and creates a barrier that’s not breathable. Unless you’re certain it’s been thoroughly refined, you could be exposing your skin to unnecessary risks. 

Why not consider safer, more beneficial alternatives? For instance, Waxelene, an organic, breathable, and silky smooth ointment, is a fantastic petroleum-free alternative for locking in skin moisture. If it’s eyebrow grooming you’re after, why not use a dedicated brow gel

If you still fancy petroleum jelly, make sure it’s refined. But remember, it does not moisturize or heal your skin.

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HACK: Exfoliating with Household Items


Here’s an eye-opener: Using common household items like baking soda, coffee grounds, or lemon juice to exfoliate your skin might not be the best idea. 

Sure, it sounds simple and cost-effective, but these items can be overly abrasive or acidic, leading to potential skin irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin. It’s far wiser to opt for skincare products specifically designed for exfoliation. Why, you ask? It’s all about pH balance! 

While some individuals may tolerate these household items, commercial exfoliants are obliged to adhere to pH standards suitable for most skin types, significantly reducing the chance of adverse reactions. 

So, let’s take a moment to rethink those DIY skincare hacks and consider the potential damage they could inflict on your precious skin.

HACK: Ice Rolling the Face


Let’s dive right into our first ageless skincare hack that does indeed work – Ice Rolling the Face. 

You might have heard about, or even tried this technique, which involves massaging your face with a facial roller made of ice. It’s been touted as a cure-all for issues ranging from puffiness and dull skin to poor circulation and loose skin. 

While using cold temperatures can indeed reduce swelling by temporarily constricting your blood vessels, it’s crucial not to put ice directly on your skin as it can cause harm. Instead, we recommend popping your facial roller in the fridge to cool it down before use. Not only does this hack work, but it’s also safe and perfect for brightening dull skin, minimizing under-eye puffiness, soothing redness, and even combating acne. 

Perfect your ice rolling technique by pairing it with our recommended PureLift® Face Non-Invasive Face Lift. This high-tech device uses non-invasive microcurrent technology to stimulate the facial muscles, boosting collagen production and promoting a more defined, youthful-looking complexion. 

It’s like a mini, non-invasive facelift right from the comfort of your home! After using your cooled facial roller, take a few minutes to glide the Purelift Face Muscle Microcurrent over your skin. 

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HACK: Exfoliating with Chemicals

Use Caution!

The wave of popularity for chemical exfoliators and ageless skincare hacks in the world of TikTok beauty has raised quite a few eyebrows.

Many influencers are touting the benefits of combining alpha and beta hydroxy acids in their skincare regimen. However, in the pursuit of ageless beauty, we urge you to exercise caution. While we are big fans of chemical peels, it’s essential to understand that not all skin types react positively to the same concoction of acids.

For this reason, we recommend using alternatives such as the Bamboo Sand Exfoliating Mask from Bella Reina Spa. This natural exfoliator can provide the benefits of a chemical peel without the harsh side effects.

Simply using a generic combination of acids without considering your individual skin type and concerns could do more harm than good. Therefore, we label this ageless skincare hack as a caution – it can indeed work wonders if used wisely and tailored to your specific needs.

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Ageless Skincare Hacks That Actually Work- Separating Fact from Fiction

The quest for ageless beauty is often met with a myriad of ageless skincare hacks promising quick and effective results. However, it’s essential to separate fact from fiction in this ever-evolving skincare landscape.

While some hacks, like ice rolling the face, prove beneficial, others like DIY exfoliation or using petroleum jelly as a moisturizer can lead to undesirable outcomes. The key lies in being discerning, understanding your skin type, and opting for skincare hacks that are scientifically approved and tailored to meet your unique needs.

Remember, achieving ageless beauty is a journey, not a destination. It requires consistent effort, educated choices, and a skincare regimen that evolves with you.

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