3 Stability Ball Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

#bellafit brings us 3 stability ball exercises to strengthen your core (aka – abs or abdomen muscles). A workout with a stability ball is one of my favorite workouts. Maybe because you think of games with balls, like basketball or kickball. Nevertheless, the stability ball workout with our favorite trainer, Bill Dorton, can literally change your posture, and the way you stand. Plus, if you are prone to backaches, because your posture is not so great, core exercises are essential. These stability ball exercises are designed for beginners. There is so much you can do to make them harder, like planks and one-legged dips, but let’s keep it simple.

3 Stability Ball Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

Stability Ball Exercise #1 – Ball Crunches

Ball Crunches

Lay on the ball, making sure that your legs are apart and that your lower back is supported. Crunch up until your shoulders lift off the ball. Don’t raise up completely like a sit up. According to Bill, these crunches are more effective than the normal sit-ups, because the back is supported by the ball. Repeat until you can easily do 10. Then work up to 20 and 30.

Stability Ball Exercise #2 – Ball Overhead Lift

This exercise is great for beginners. You lay on a mat or the floor. Hold the ball over your head. If you are just starting out, bring the ball over your head and try to touch your knees. If your lower back starts to hurt, only bring the ball to gently raise your shoulders off the mat. Once your abdomen muscles start to develop, then bring the ball to touch your toes. Repeat until  you can easily do 10. Then work up to 20 and 30.

Stability Ball Exercise #3 – Leg Lifts

This is another great ab exercise with the ball. Lay on your back and place the ball between your ankles.  Place your hands behind your ears. Then use your abs (squeeze) to pull the ball from the ground to a 90 degree angle keeping your legs straight and your knees slightly bent. Squeezing your abs towards the ceiling as you lift your legs. Repeat this 10 times and work up to 20.

Also, Bill always says that you will get twice the workout if you do some cardio (5-15 minutes) before working your muscles. Always consult a physician or doctor before trying a new workout, especially if you have any injuries, illnesses or other conditions.


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