3 Mistakes You Can Make in Choosing the Best Massage

If you are trying to choose a spa for the best massage, here are 3 mistakes you can make. In this world of Groupons, coupons, discounts and memberships, massage was almost turned into a commodity instead of an art. But that did not happen….for one big reason….Massage is an Art.

Many big financial analysts and business people thought that massage could be ordered almost like ordering a double cheeseburger with a supersize of fries. But fortunately for great massage therapists, you cannot order a “fast food” massage.

And at Bella Reina, we think that the big “suits” are missing the art of having the best massage. Because a massage requires human touch and not every person can have that same touch or energy. That’s why you cannot “can” a massage.

How do you know where to spend your massage budget when you want the best?

Here are three common mistakes that you can make trying to choose the Best Massage.

Mistake #1: Choose a Massage Based on Price

Price is often used to make a decision on where to get a massage. I’ve had massages that were $200 and I’ve had massages that were $49, both for the same 50 minute time slot. I can assure you that the hands of the $200 massage therapist were skilled and well trained, but I’ve also gotten lucky with a talented new massage therapist at a lower price.

When choosing a massage based on price, try to determine the skill set of the massage therapist that you will be booked with. This will determine greatly the outcome of your massage. Although price should not be a consideration for the best massage, it is often the basis for the type of facility.

Mistake #2: Choose a Massage Based on Spa Facility

Often, new clients will call and ask if we have saunas or a relaxation room. The answer to both is no, because we are a boutique day spa. Then they will go to the spa that has both. They come back to us telling us that either the sauna was not working or the lounge was dirty.

Then they proceed to tell us how bad the massage way. Either way, please don’t  make the mistake of choosing the best massage based on the facility. Choose based on the quality of the treatment.

Mistake #3: Choose a Massage Based on Type (Therapeutic, Reflexology, Spa Ritual)

The type of massage selected is often the basis for selecting a treatment. On a trip to a spa conference in Arizona, a very well known spa had a Ritual Massage with the Indian peace pipe and tribal incense. Of course, I had to try it. The massage therapist had a slight cough, which led to her discussion of her gall bladder problem, which led to more talking. This was supposed to be the signature massage for this spa and the massage therapist completely ruined it by talking through the entire service.

So having the best massage is not about the type, the facility or the price, these are mistakes.  It’s about the hands, energy and techniques of the therapist.

For more on having the best massage in all of Palm Beach County (maybe even all of Florida), call the spa at 561-404-7670 or book online.

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