10 Simple and Natural Eye Makeup Tips

Do you use natural eye makeup remover or are you still using synthetic? Every girl knows how much fun it is to play with your makeup and try out new beauty looks.  Bella girls just love playing with eye makeup-like eyeshadows, eyeliners, and mascara, but we all know that getting it off of your face when you’re ready can be a bit difficult at times.

If you’re a makeup lover, using a quality eye makeup remover is the easiest way to clean your eyes of all the makeup before bed each evening or when you want to change up looks. Many of the eye makeup removers you find in big box stores are more than likely made out of synthetic ingredients that are developed in labs to help easily remove makeup. Bet you didn’t know that all those chemicals are absorbed into the body.  Did you know that natural eye makeup removers do the job just as well, if not better!

By using an all remover like Bella Reina Cosmetics Eye Makeup Remover, you’ll never have to worry about dealing with sensitivity or stinging in the eye area that is rather common with the synthetic kinds. While synthetic removers can be harsh and dry out the skin by stripping it of essential oils, a natural eye makeup remover with natural ingredients is usually more gentle and moisturizing. This is important, especially when it comes to the delicate skin located around the eyes. The last thing you want to pull on is the delicate eye area.

Some women even find it difficult to ditch the synthetic removers and switch to a natural eye makeup remover. They think they won’t take off makeup or waterproof mascara, but that’s surely not the case at all. A makeup remover without all of the harmful chemicals is just as effective at removing every bit of eye makeup.

A  natural eye makeup remover that is formulated correctly can remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. A big plus is that it won’t leave you with redness, tenderness or raccoon eyes.

Some think that natural eye makeup means not putting on makeup. It’s not about the amount of makeup; it’s about the colors. And the colors does not mean it always must be in the “Brown” family. The colors can be grays, pinks, burgundies, or soft whites. The real key to natural eye makeup is to blend, blend and blend the shades that you choose. Also, work to create harmony with your skin tone and the shades that you choose. The darker the skin, the more you have options with the “color wheel” of eye shadows.

For starters, the rules for natural eye makeup means that glitter, frost, metallic, and shimmer is out. Bella Reina’s think that even semi-matte is out. The point is you want the natural look to enhance your features. You want it to make you look even more beautiful but in a natural way.

10 Simple and Natural Eye Makeup Tips

  1. Color. Choose the family of colors for your look. Brown, Grey, Burgundy, Pink, Soft Whites. Think about how the ‘family’ works with your skin tone and eye color.
  2. Palette. Within your color palette, choose 1 light eyeshadow and 1 or 2 darker shades.
  3. Eye Base. Apply Eye Base. Blend over entire eye and make sure it is blended.
  4. Eye Wash. Apply the lightest color all over the lid and up to the brow. This is known as the color “eyewash”.
  5. Crease. The crease color should be applied with a very small detail brush. Then blend, blend, blend, blend, blend. Pretend like you are a windshield wiper and go back and forth.
  6. ‘Pretend Crease’. For some eye types, you don’t really see the crease color. In this case, make the crease on the edge of the brow bone. This “pretend” crease will give you deep set eye look.
  7. More Depth. If you want more depth, add a medium color to the lid only.
  8. Eyeliner. Next is eyeliner. Keep the color in the same family as your chosen ‘natural’ look.  Black (Noir) eyeliner is nice, but the Bella Reina’s are very partial to purple eyeliner or plum. The Bella Reina Liquid Eyeliner in Royal Plum is perfect for natural eye makeup. In fact, it really completes the look.
  9. Mascara. Next is mascara. Black or brown are really your choices.
  10. Brows. Last, don’t forget your brows. Draw your brow in and shade upwards with brow pencil or a brow gel mascara.

That’s your #bellabeautytip for today. Keep your natural eye makeup simple, in harmony with your skin tone and your eye color.  See you are a beautiful queen!

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