Winter Beauty Preview Launches with Dr. Grandel Ampoule Calendar

Today, Bella Reina launches our Winter Beauty Preview with 8 fabulous weeks of specials. We are heading nose-first into the holidays. Follow along so you can mark your calendar and not miss a day!

Each week will be an adventure into skincare, makeup and beauty treatments for Sunny South Florida’s winter beauty enthusiasts. This week marks the introduction of a sought after gift in the United States – the Dr. Grandel 24 Day Ampoule Calendar. It is $250 of intense, concentrated ingredients for only $125.95! What makes it special is that behind each door of the calendar is a day of beauty! Keep reading to see what else is in this fabulous calendar!


Dr. Grandel Ampoule Calendar 
The 24 day Beauty Regimen. Surprise your skin and open a new door each day to find a treat that your skin loves and makes you shine! Get ready for fabulous holiday skin with the ultimate beauty gift.

Surprise your skin! – open a new door each day to find a treat that your skin loves and makes you radiant. Behind each door are 25 highly concentrated effect ampoules (serums):

Included in this Winter Beauty Preview coveted calendar are the following:

1 Ampoule Each of the Following:

  • Beauty Flash -> Refined & Even
  • Beauty Xpress -> Rejuvenated & Refreshed
  • Beauty Sleep -> Soothed & Regenerated
  • Collagran -> Restructure with Plant Sourced Collagen
  • Contour Lift -> Lifted & Firmed
  • Epigran -> multi-active essence from wheat germ that smoothes & firms
  • Nutri Sensation -> nourished & regenerated
  • Oxygen -> Revitalized & Rejuvenated
  • Retinol -> Softened & Lightened
  • SOS -> Soothed & Destressed
  • Cell Repair -> Detoxed & Renewed
  • Hydro Active -> Refreshed & Moisturized

2 Ampoules Each of the Following:

  • Instant Smoother -> Get the Photoshopped Look With This Ampoule
  • Hyaluron at Night -> Constant Moisture Throughout the Night
  • Hyaluron -> Plumped & Wrinkle Filler
  • Hyaluron Moisture Flash -> Instantly & Deeply Moisturized
  • Forever 39 -> Firmed Facial  for all Vertical Lines

3 Ampoules Each of the Following:

  • BeautyGen Renew -> Detox & Repair the Skin

Plus what would any Winter Beauty Ampoule Calendar be without an ampoule mini bar! Combine these 24 days of beauty with a Bella Grande Facial or a Dermaplaning Facial.

In the words of Billy Crystal and Fernando Lamas – You will LOOK Marvelous!

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