Why Dietary Supplements?

Take a great look at the food pyramid above.  See the amount of fruits and vegetables that you should have daily? Dietary Supplements are actually food and nutrients to the body.  According to Wikipedia, the definition of Supplements is to provide nutrients that may be missing or not consumed in a person’s diets. 

Here are four great reasons you should (MUST) take your dietary supplements.

Food Issues

1. You don’t eat right which means you do not eat according to the 2009 Food Pyramid, which includes 2 cups of Fruit, 2.5 cups of Vegetables and being physically active for at least 30 minutes a day (not a week). Or you eat industrial (plant-manufactured) foods—fast food, frozen food, injected foods.  Either way, you are not eating right, and your body will eventually feel the results.
2. The foods you eat are deprived of minerals and vitamins.  The earths soils are depleted of minerals and the foods are deficient in over 77 trace minerals needed to sustain our health. With that being said, we did not even mention the genetically modified foods or the acid rain.  Food quality is not what it was 30 years ago and all of the tests demonstrate this.

Digestive Issues

3. Your digestive system is not working correctly.  That means that on a daily basis you do not have a bowel movement (yes, we must discuss this) or you have acid reflux (this means the food you ate, did not like you).  Great immune health starts with digestion.  If your body does not get rid of toxins then they overflow into the lymph system and blood stream thus impairing your total body health.

Vitamin Issues

4. Your body is deficient in some of the basic vitamins. The deficiencies in basic vitamins are well documented with numerous studies from the National Health and Nutrition Education Survey and the AMA.  Some more popular vitamin deficiencies include Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A.  The deficiencies range from 15% to 85% in research of 100 patients. When your body is deficient in vitamins, the new cells that are produced don’t have enough nutrients to keep them healthy.  Also, without some basic vitamins (A, C, & E), the skin will start looking dull, because the cells are starving for the right nutrients.

So, from a knowledge and education standpoint, taking supplements is an absolute must.  That is why so many of my doctors and colleagues are now recommending supplements to their clients.  It’s for prevention of diseases.  Keep your body in tip-top shape and healthy.

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